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    Kanye West 'Graduation' Tracks Available For Internet Play (inc. Homecoming feat. Chris Martin)

    graduation1.jpgKanye West (feat. Chris Martin, Coldplay) - “Homecoming” (audio) and all other tracks - Exclusive Sneak Peek


    You can now listen to "Homecoming" (featuring Chris Martin) and all the other new Kanye West tracks from the latest album 'Graduation' at Power 105.1fm here [thanks Amy]


    Good breeding+nice clothes does not a rapper make. Which is why almost five years ago, the idea of Kanye West being a Grammy-winning rap and hip-hop artist is almost amusing. “It was a strike against me that I didn’t wear baggy jeans and jerseys and that I never hustled, never sold drugs,” West, who grew up in a middle class Chicago neighborhood, has griped.


    In 2002, after producing for artists such as Mase, Cam’ron and Jay-Z he approached Roc-A-Fella records then CEO Damon Dash about launching a solo career and was met with silence.“Kanye wore a pink shirt with the collar sticking up and Gucci loafers,” recalls Damon Dash. “It was obvious we were not from the same place or cut from the same cloth.”

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