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    LP5 update: Mixing in Los Angeles, studio in Japan, Major Minus, Moving To Mars, Up In Flames

    5994046631_4415d0fee0_s.jpgGuy Berryman gave an interview to Triple J just before their headline set at Splendour In The Grass on Sunday and gave more insight into Coldplay's fifth album. You can listen to the podcast of the interview at the Triple J website, or you can download it via our Multimedia forum now. Thanks for all your comments so far on the interview - if you haven't commented on it yet you can do so at the LP5 sub-forum now. [thanks joshtimo & SueDeNimes]


    Guy confirmed that an October 2011 release is still looking good, and they have now worked on the new album for two years. He confirmed that Major Minus would be on the album, but wasn't sure that Moving To Mars would be. He didn't mention Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. This all follows a previous Australian interview in which Chris Martin told us about a new song, Up In Flames. Summarising, after the jump is Triple J's report, alongside some of your comments to the latest updates on LP5, whether they should include songs from the ETIAW EP on the album, and how long the album should be...

    Triple J interview with Guy Berryman - a summary:


    Coldplay reckon "they're the worst band in the world." At least that's what they tell themselves to make sure they don't rest on their laurels. Bassist Guy Berryman caught up with triple j's Tom & Alex before the UK outfit closed out Splendour 2011 with a massive set in the Amphitheatre. "We always feel like we're the worst band in the world and that's what keeps us going," Berryman admitted to Tom & Alex...


    20110731sitg43.pngHe went on to say the band's upcoming record, their fifth, is still on track for the end of the year. "We were in a studio in Japan the other day trying to finish it all off and we always keep hold of it until someone wrenches it out of our hands. The idea is that it's come out at the end of October which is still looking pretty good. We're just finessing it on the road. We're going to be doing some mixing in Los Angeles when we go there tomorrow and just putting the finishing touches to it. For the most part it's there, it's been quite a long process we've been working on it for about two years but I think it's sounding great though. It's very different but still song based and very melodic. People will hear quite a big change in the sound."


    Just some of your comments on the interview, Major Minus, tracklength and EP to LP5 tracklisting:


    Well great to hear some confirmed things about lp5 though I would be very dissapointed if MM is on the album. I mean, it's already been released and i would personally feel a little cheated and it would just look like they're trying to filll up the album. Same thing for ETIAW, why put it on the album when it's already been released twice? I really hope that lp5 will have more than 11 songs on it. And for the october release date......well i think i can live with that. [thanks connorb]


    Aah, finally some news. And pretty good news as well! A big change in the sound, some very loud stuff and some very quiet stuff. Me likes! I'm absolutely fine with Major Minus making the album, I love both the studio and live version. God I'm getting way too positive here. Let's complain about the release date. Another three months of waiting then... [thanks Blue Nails]


    Happy that Major Minus will be on the album, I do hope the album version is slightly different, I don't mean the vocal effects, im happy with that since it should fit into context with the rest of the album but something along the lines of the Osaka Sun mix of Lovers in Japan, few small changes, to make it sound fresher when listening to the album after listening to Major Minus for a few months. [thanks 42rock89]


    Yaay, Up in Flames! Made my day And I'm so glad guys prove we can only guess at the final tracklist and never know it for sure. I'm so tired of those predictions, there are like three threads discussing it. [thanks RegulusBlack]


    Yeah I agree I hope none of the EP tracks will be included!! If they are saying Major Minus will be included I think that puts ETIAW in a strong position to be kept on the album also. Id be a bit dissapointed if it was!! The album could be anything from 10 - 16 tracks, so say 13 tracks make the album!! Possible list - Hurts Like Heaven,Charlie Brown,Us Against the World,and if Major Minus and ETIAW are both included thats 5 tracks we have heard already!! That leaves 7 unknown tracks + Princess of China (if selected) which is still a good chunk of new unheard material!!But with no EP tracks you could have 10 new tracks which would be awesome!! [thanks SprayCanSoul]


    I love Major Minus, so I am delighted that it is on the album, because if it was a B-Side it would rot away and never get played live again. And considering how they have been played all summer, are any of you really suprised that ETIAW and MM are on the album? ETIAW I think will make it. Everyone knows the song already, it has it's own video, so the boys have one less song to promote on the album, because it has been already. It's rather clever really. What if Coldplay DIDN'T want a ETIAW Ep? I think that was EMI money grabbing and trying to get some extra pounds in their pockets. Coldplay want Major Minus on the album, but they may not have wanted it on the ETIAW Ep. EMI may possibly be at fault here. Just a thought I had. [thanks Amsterdam96]


    Hope Major Minus will be in a new arrangement, more like the live version, with echoes and stuff. But that's just my humble opinion. I'm believing the EMI money-grabbing theory by the way. And Life Is For Living, yeah, that's an exciting new track! Love the interview with Guy, really funny, also those Australians. And really, the minutes after the interview are really funny as well. Okay, I already accepted late October release. I can wait. And please, stop speculating about the tracklisting. The guys don't know either. They've got 16 possible songs. We'll find out soon enough. [thanks Tryptophan]


    I'm not surprised Major Minus is making the album. Its been treated to much like an actual album track (being played everywhere), while MTM has been treated like a true b-side (only been played live once, possibly never seeing the colored light of concert ever again). Anyway, maybe MM will get a new mix, make it a little fresh. Either way, I'm still excited for LP5. [thanks pnapsty]


    But finally some concrete news. I like the sound of the new title like a lot of the new Coldplay songs- just the imagery about it seems really cool. SIXTEEN SONGS BEING CONSIDERED?? YES! I know that doesn't mean they'll all make it but it sounds as though we'll get 13-14 songs which is epic. I'm not too down about Major Minus being on the album. It goes so well with what seems to be an album theme of paranoia and control and the news of other things is so good it's just not phasing me. I do hope ETIAW isn't on it though, and I think Major Minus is the best new song in my opinion but I just don't see them using it. Hopefully tracklist soon!!!! [thanks Fix42YellowClocks]


    I live in hope that Major Minus will appear in a different mix, ie without the bloody vocal distortion. [thanks The Final Track]


    Interesting. Why nobody discuss the "loud and quite songs"-thing? THIS is really important. But I don't know how I'll like that because Viva was different to that. And I love Viva. What do you say about Guys consideration that its a great album in his opinion? A good sign? I'm not sure about MM - I like this song, especially the live version. If its on the new record then hopefully mixed up with the echo and some other details. Now I'm really excited. [thanks Major_Love]


    Parachutes showed their true talent in a way that they haven't since that era. Now. For me, for an album to be good, I have to be able to sit down and listen to it in one go. As soon as I need a break to keep from suiciding, it's no good. And no, I don't in fact have to sit through the whole thing at once, but that's how I listen to my music. And 16x4= 64 Do you really want to sit through an album that's over an hour long? I know I don't. [thanks Megalomania]


    New photos of Coldplay - Splendour In The Grass festival, Australia (31st July, 2011):




















    Photos courtesy of Splendour in The Grass (via Flickr)


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