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    NME - Glastonbury 2015 and next Coldplay album rumours

    NME - Glastonbury 2015 and next Coldplay album rumours

    NME magazine have written a small piece on Coldplay's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams and on rumours that the band will be playing at Glastonbury 2015. We also have a piece of Coldplay gold for you in the form of a special Mylo Xyloto article for NME subscribers, re-uploaded from 2011!

    Heading image a feature from 2008 - The Viva era.


    Firstly, the extract from this week's NME magazine is below, with huge thanks to @Coldplayatlas for uploading and posting the transcript.


    "When Chris Martin replied to a chat show host's inquiry as to whether Coldplay would be touring 2014's 'Ghost Stories' with a curt 'no', you'll have been forgiven for thinking his and Gwyneth Paltrow's conscious uncoupling had left him destroyed - not so. It turns out that last year's low key, electro-ballad 'mope fest' was always intended to be swiftly followed by a more commericial accompaniment, tentatively titled 'A Head Full Of Dreams', and world tour. And that, folks, might be farewell. Martin has hinted at the band undergoing a conscious 'unrockulating' after this album. 'It's like the last Harry Potter book", he said. 'Not to say there might not be another thing one day...'. There's also speculation that Coldplay could headline Glastonbury 2015, suggesting a summer-friendly release."


    The accompanying scan:


    NME - Glastonbury 2015 and next Coldplay album rumours


    Coldplay also appear on NME's website feature for this year's big releases:


    Coldplay NME 2015


    Meanwhile, our forum have been admiring previous Coldplay features/interviews with NNE and our moderator, Batman has very kindly uploaded the scans from a subscribers only edition in 2011. It's a brilliant read, check it out!


    See the scans here!


    Stay tuned for a new Coldplaying article soon, on Coldplay's seventh album, A Head Full Of Dreams!



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