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    Oprah And Jen Want Coldplay In Wedding Plans

    aniston.jpgOprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston have teamed up to dismiss rumours that the talk-show host and media magnate is going to stage a wedding for the former 'Friends' star.


    Winfrey invited Aniston [pictured], rumoured to be close to tying the knot with fellow actor Vince Vaughn, to call into her show to mock media reports about the nuptials.


    According to reports, Winfrey was going to throw an $8-million reception, featuring performances by Coldplay and cellist Yo-Yo Ma, at her Santa Barbara estate.During the telephone chat, aired yesterday, Aniston said: "It sounds like you're giving me Santa Barbara."


    The former wife of Brad Pitt also ridiculed reports that she and Vaughn are house hunting. "I'm really good, I've got my house," said Aniston.


    Winfrey had some ridiculing of her own to do. Recent reports have speculated she and long-time boyfriend Steadman Graham have split. Tabloid pictures showing the media mogul dropping Graham off at an airport purportedly proved the separation. "The photo they have, I was asking him: 'Are you sure you have your ticket?' but it said I was very angry that 'the tension between us could be felt by everyone in the vicinity'."


    "If we ever do [break-up]," she told fans, "I promise, I promise the night it happens, if it ever happens, I will come on TV the next day and tell you."


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