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    Oxfam America update on US Coldplay show volunteering

    oxfamcoldplay.jpgOxfam America have posted an update in the forums on the Oxfam volunteering for the forthcoming Viva La Vida US tour. Here are some of the FAQ that have been answered so far:


    -- Yes, you'll get to see the show for free! You'll interact with other Coldplay fans up until a few minutes before the show, then you'll get to enjoy the concert. Just before it ends, you'll meet back up with all the other volunteers to reach-out to folks as they leave the building.


    -- Pete (Lusby) won't be traveling on this tour for us, but Soha will! You may have read her blogs after she covered for Pete on the last few dates of the last US leg. She's very cool, super smart, lots of fun, and actually came to Oxfam America as a Coldplay fan at a concert in LA! She'll be blogging away, just as Pete did, so I hope you'll all follow her travels around the country with the band.


    -- As far as age requirements go, you should be 18 or older, unless you'll have a family member who is 18+ volunteering with you.


    There are still a few slots left at most shows, so if you are interested, please sign up at oxfamamerica.org. More details at the Oxfam volunteering thread in the Coldplay Live forum here [thanks Oxfam America]

    A full list of shows you can still volunteer for are...


    COLDPLAY 05/15/09: West Palm Beach, FL - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/17/09: Atlanta, GA - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/18/09: Birmingham, AL - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/20/09: Virginia Beach, VA - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/21/09: Washington, DC - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/23/09: Hartford, CT - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/24/09: Hershey, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/26/09: Philadelphia, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/27/09: Saratoga Springs, NY - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/29/09: Scranton, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/30/09: Pittsburgh, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/01/09: Buffalo, NY - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/02/09: Detroit, MI - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/04/09: Cincinnati, OH - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/05/09: Indianapolis, IN - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/06/09: Nashville, TN - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/09/09: New Orleans, LA - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/10/09: San Antonio, TX - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/12/09: Des Moines, IA - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/13/09: Omaha, NE - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/10/09: Portland, OR - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/11/09: George, WA - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/13/09: San Francisco, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/14/09: Sacramento, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/16/09: San Diego, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/18/09: Carson, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/19/09: Irvine, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/21/09: Dallas, TX - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/22/09: Houston, TX - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/24/09: Maryland Heights, MO - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/25/09: East Troy, WI - USA

    COLDPLAY 08/02/09: Jersey City, NJ - USA

    COLDPLAY 08/03/09: Mansfield, MA - USA

    COLDPLAY 08/06/09: Raleigh, NC - USA

    COLDPLAY 08/07/09: Charlotte, NC - USA

    COLDPLAY 08/09/09: Tampa, FL - USA


    Expect to see these banners at the shows:




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