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    [Pre-show Report] Coldplay @ Zenith, Strasbourg, France

    cemeteriesoflondon.jpgThe show isn't until tonight, but the big news from Coldplaying.com so far is that Cemeteries Of London has been soundchecked by Coldplay in Strasbourg today, and there is a great possibility they may play it live tonight. The track from the new album Death And All His Friends has never been played live... yet.


    Chris Martin has described it as their "ghost march" and he is clearly trying to tackle the big questions as he sings about a supernatural and religious quest. This, along with a few other tracks, brings to mind the resonant 1980s stadium rock of bands like U2, Genesis, Simple Minds and Marillion.


    Pre-Show Updates from Chavi:


    11.30: We're at the venue and spoke to a roadie, fuckin excited!

    12.47: They came in but didn't stop, phil was there too

    13.04: (Answer to mimi's question) I waved my banner, hope they read I screamed Phil and will Like mad when they got out the car, I think they both smiled yay

    13.43: They're doing soundcheck right now, only playing Violet Hill, frustrating cause we can't get in

    14.24: Just saw Guy cause he went out to smoke, bit hid behind a car, I'm a bit sad have to go back in the queue people are starting to gather

    14.36: We can't get closer because of security tried to give flyers to roadies but wouldn't come and take em bummer!

    15.27: Holy shit! they went back for souncheck and played CoL! they fuckin read my banner which says: 'play the amazing cemetries of london please' weeeeeee


    23.36: Cemeteries Of London has made its live debut in France... setlist to follow!


    More exclusive updates on tonights show here and here onwards [thanks Carlaatje & Chavi]

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