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    [Preview] Coldplay in Santiago, Chile

    If anyone needed extra proof that Coldplay are one of the biggest bands in the world, then this eagerly anticipated South American tour would surely quash any dissent in the ranks.


    Chris Martin and co have managed to create a global phenomenon from some easy listening and gripping pop songs. Debut album Parachutes landed them a Brit Award and the status of an up and coming British band.


    However, it was second album Rush of Blood to the Head that jettisoned them into superstardom; third album X&Y simply consolidated this and added more Grammy awards to the cabinet.

    Fans can expect to hear a greatest hits set list, comprising tracks from all three of their highly successful records. Live favourites the Scientist, Yellow, Trouble, Fix You and In My Place will all be included as well as a sneak peak of some new songs.


    Coldplay appear to have finished their leave of absence once again, with new material on the radar possibly by next autumn.

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