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    Ricky Gervais producing Coldplay's new album? It's news to the Oracle...!

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    March 23, 2011 - submitted by luke, United Kingdom

    Q. Dear O, I heard that Ricky Gervais was going to help produce the new album, it appears this rumor was proved true. What sort of special twists can we expect to hear from the band with the new producer? Luke

    The Oracle Replies:

    I sometimes seriously do not know where you hear stuff guys. Where on earth did you get that information from? There's no truth in that whatsoever. Roadie #42 has been blogging about Brian (Eno), Markus (Dravs) and Rik (Simpson) - there's been no mention of Ricky Gervais. Unless I have missed a really significant blog?

    March 24, 2011 - submitted by Jack, United Kingdom

    Q. Hey there! Just wondering, why are Coldplay's website and the Coldplaying website separate domains? Wouldn't it be better if everything was under the same roof? Thanks!

    The Oracle Replies:

    We love our friends over at Coldplaying but there's a crucial word missing from their site - unofficial. That word is why we're not under one umbrella. There's only this one official band website but a few unofficial fan sites around the world, of which Coldplaying are the largest.


    March 24, 2011 - submitted by Hans, Germany

    Q. Hi there, Oracle. I myself am recording some things and sometimes I am kind of torn between leaving something as it is (because it already sounds beautiful) or adding something to it. A great man may have said "it's absolutely beautiful as it is and we shouldn't be afraid of just having a beautiful song", but what do you think about that?

    The Oracle Replies:

    Have you ever heard the expression over egging the pudding? I do think you could potentially ruin it if you keep adding to it when it sounds like it's finished already. I can understand your reluctance of letting go as you want it to be perfect and sometimes it's hard to be objective when you're so close to a project, particularly a personal, creative one. Maybe it's better to listen to those people around you who you trust.


    March 23, 2011 - submitted by Jan, Netherlands

    Q. Dear Oracle, one of my friends just started being a DJ, and I'm helping him to find good music. but we've got a question: You ought to have a legal copy of every song you use in sets, but can he use remixes of songs when he has the original song? (e.g. the thin white duke remix of Viva, when he owns the album). Thanks, and have a nice day :)

    The Oracle Replies:

    I feel like some legal eagle these days... no, that is not suffice yet it's also irrelevant. Just because he owns the album doesn't mean it's ok to play the remix on bootleg as they're completely separate entities. Anyway, the whole live DJ set lists are covered by the same blanket music license I spoke of a few days ago. The area of contention is that mash-ups, bootlegs and remixes use significant parts of an original track and so there is a copyright issue.


    March 22, 2011 - submitted by Vanessa, Germany

    Q. Hello Oracle, I've got a few questions... For which reason does the website have a new layout? Are you still renewing the exhibition room? Why isn't it on the welcome page anymore? Why is there the hypnofeed instead? Have a great day, Vanessa

    The Oracle Replies:

    Well Vanessa, the new layout is simply us moving out of the Viva era on to pastures new. Festival appearances start soon, the 5th album is ticking along nicely so it was time for a change. The Exhibition Room is still accepting entries and hopefully people will still have an interest in it even if it has moved. Out of site out of mind? Excuse the pun but I couldn't resist. The hypnofeed has moved to the front page and is an extension of the ticker we had along the top of our previous incarnation (which some folk didn't notice). Hypnofeed is not in the same vein as the Exhibition Room at all; we are NOT looking for your own creations be them music or otherwise. Nor are we interested in run of the mill videos, we're looking for extraordinary ones that you stumble across. We'd love people to send in their suggestions for hynofeed by clicking upload.


    March 22, 2011 - submitted by Miles, United States of America

    Q. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

    The Oracle Replies:

    I'd attempt to fly. Seriously though, I have to confess I attempt anything that I want to do and never with the thought of failing.


    March 22, 2011 - submitted by Eric, United States of America

    Q. I've arranged Viva La Vida for an acapella group. What sort of legal procedures to I have to go through to make this piece legally performable?

    The Oracle Replies:

    As long as the venues you perform it has a blanket license agreement to play music (live or otherwise) you don't need to get legally involved. There's usually a form to fill with what songs you are performing so that the songwriter's will receive their royalties.




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