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    Signatures Creep To 1,000 For Coldplaying's Toronto DVD Petition

    Coldplay fans have been petitioning in their droves for Coldplaying.com's petition to revive the Toronto DVD from the EMI grave.


    You have given your thoughts on how it has been revealed that the already planned and scheduled Coldplay live in Toronto Twisted Logic Tour DVD won't be released after all. Almost 1,000 (and counting) signatures and comments have been registered.


    You can sign the petition anonymously. Every signature helps - add to the petition here.


    Maybe all you want is an explanation? Will a televised event do for you? Discuss your choices here

    One of the band's greatest accomplishments was when the 'Live 2003' DVD came out. For this new, and very long anticipated arrival to be taken out from under the general audience is ludicrous. [thanks Eric J. Beyer]


    n poww... agnt merece!! passamos mto tempo p ter algo novo e qdo vamos ter... nda acontece?? cmo pode?? e logo eu pow q sou do Brasil and I DONT WANT TO WRITE IN ENGLISH COS THEY HAVE TO SEE THAT THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD THAT LOVE COLDPLAY TOO... e n tem mto show no Brasil, entao isso ficaria de lembranca para quem n teve essa oportunidade...[thanks Karla]


    wow, to think that the absolute best band in the world would give 18,000 people the pleasure of being part of a filmed memory, and then strip it away from them is ubserd..i flew from Winnipeg, mb all the way to toronto just to see that show. I loved it, i will always love it, and dear god i hope this thing changes directions[thanks Sameer Ashraf

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