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    Strawberry Swinging! New Coldplay video coming later in July

    astrawberryswinging1.jpgLater this month, Coldplay's amazing new video for Strawberry Swing will be unveiled - keep it locked to Coldplay.com for details and watch out for some superb new Coldplaying banners ahead of the video. In the meantime, you can read again the official site's latest interview with Chris Martin in which Chris confirms that the video for the song 'Strawberry Swing' had already been finished by May. You can discuss the forthcoming video for Strawberry Swing video in the Coldplay forum here onwards. [thanks 1der]


    The Strawberry Swing excerpts of the interview are also included after the jump, along with Roadie #42's tweets from tonight's Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium. Full scale discussions and live updates from the festival have already started in earnest at the Coldplay live forum in the Rock Werchter thread!


    You're currently a few dates into a new leg of the tour, after having a little break.

    Yeah, we've just done the video for Strawberry Swing, which is going to be pretty good, I think.


    Is that officially a single, then?

    Well, it's officially going to be a really great video. I don't know whether it counts as a single or not.

    Can you tell us anything about the video?

    It is a new concept in video making, which will either be a woeful disaster or a triumphant Bafta winner. I guess you'll be seeing it at some point in the summer, as it's a summery song.


    Arguably the best song on the album.

    That's what I think! And we should also say that if you like that song you should listen to The Rock by Delakota. That song had this amazing backwards guitar loop going all the way through. And although Strawberry Swing doesn't have that, the Delakota song was definitely inspirational.



    A Strawberry Swinging!


    Tweets from Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium (3rd July 2009):



    Elbow are on and they are ever bit as wonderful as I hoped. Can't wait 'til they grace our tour. R#42



    Hello Belgium! R#42


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