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    Swizz Beatz working with Coldplay on new material production

    swizzbeatz.jpgThe rapper and producer Swizz Beatz, who is engaged to and expecting a child with Alicia Keys, announced this week that he is producing material with Coldplay.


    It has not yet been confirmed whether the song(s) will make the cut for Coldplay's LP5, but Swizz Beatz has previously worked with Coldplay three years ago on a mix called Part of the Plan so this is not the first time the two artists have combined together. More discussion on this at the Coldplay forum here [thanks mimixxx & coldplayisawesome]


    Discussing his projects, Swizz Beats was quoted by Digital Spy as saying: "I'm working on my album which is super incredible. Got everybody on there from Jay-Z to John Legend to Mary [J. Blige] to Drake. Super amazing album", he told OK. "I'm also working on Lenny Kravitz's new album, working with Coldplay. When you're in album mode and you're in producing mode, working with any great artist you have fun and try to create the best music you can create."

    Swizz Beatz confirmed that Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Drake will all appear on his own upcoming solo album. He added: "On one song [Alicia] just played keys on. I don't know [which], cause I don't know which one I'm going to use. I have a few songs. I'm probably going to drop my single with Mary before the summer is over. I'm shooting for that and I'm looking for Fall to be Swizz Beatz mania."


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