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    TheNational.ae: Coldplay’s the thing - new article featuring Coldplay superfans

    emiratespalacehotel1.jpgTo Vicente ­Guerrero, 19, from ­Mexico, being a Coldplay ­superfan means locking himself in his bedroom to listen to their music for hours and playing their tracks ­before going to sleep each night, reports the thenational.ae.


    To the British superfan, it means ­going to coldplaying.com, one of the internet’s biggest Coldplay fan sites, with more than 35,000 members worldwide. To Ivana Sudan, an obsession with the band meant that she travelled for seven hours from her Croatian hometown to Budapest for the chance to see them play live last September.


    For most of the 15,000 people ­expected to attend the band’s ­concert at the Emirates Palace on Saturday night, such levels of dedication might seem a little much. They will be able to hum merrily along to Coldplay tracks, and they will almost certainly know all the lyrics to Fix You, but they probably don’t linger on Coldplay fan sites posting questions about the best Coldplay ringtones for their mobile phones or discussing Chris ­Martin’s latest haircut as the ­superfans do.


    Read the full article ahead of the Abu Dhabi concert this Saturday at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards.

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