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    Unhappy Coldplayers fall victim to fake Hollywood Bowl ticket scammers

    6970384984_3a1f76ffbe_s.jpgSome very disappointed Coldplayers who paid top dollar to see Coldplay over the last few days at the Hollywood Bowl ended up getting the cold shoulder instead. People who found some of the tickets on Craigslist, Stubhub, eBay, and other Internet sites -- and paid in the $200-$400 range per seat -- were stunned and disappointed to find that the tickets were fakes. [Catch up on the latest tweets, pictures, videos from last night's show at the Coldplay Live forum - Hollywood Bowl night 3 - now.]


    The three Coldplay shows were sellouts at the Bowl, and Hollywood Bowl COO Arvinv Manocha conceded it was a very unfortunate situation. "There was nothing we could do for these unlucky people who were bilked," Manocha said. "Because it was a sellout, there were no other valid tickets to be sold to them."


    The takeaway for these and other fans? Stick with the safety of Ticketmaster, and don't be drawn into "too good to be true" ticket finds on other sites on the Internet, writes the Orlando Sentinel today. By avoiding third-party ticket vendors, fans should be able to avoid the cold reality of fake Coldplay tickets, and fraudulent scams for other shows as well. Read on for some of our Coldplayers' comments from the forums...

    Coldplayer comments from the messageboard regarding Hollywood Bowl ticket scammers:


    Put me in that group. Paid $400. I had Section J2, Row 7, Seats 13 and 15- didn't get in because it was fake. Beyond pissed off right now! [thanks Ryann]


    I got counterfeit tickets too...i was soooooo mad. I will never use craigslist again. Has this happened to anyone before? What should I do? I only have his phone number and we met in person, but that's it. My friend and I decided to make lemonade..so we stood behind the bowl and listened to the whole show which was actually pretty amazing since we could see all the xylobands lighting up. And we saw them when they were on the C-stage. It was a good night...but there will be justice! [thanks kanayda]


    even though i got my ticket through a third party, it wasn't fake--thankfully! i feel so badly for all of you that were taken advantage of! What a disappointment it must have been to find out they were fake. I wish there was some way for all of you to get your money back. It's horrible that there are people out there without honor and integrity. [thanks redmagic73]


    New photos of Coldplayers (Oxfam Volunteers) with Chris Martin ahead of the third show at Hollywood Bowl (4th May 2012):












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