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    Vancouver fan review: Coldplay filming at GM Place

    magicball3.jpgExcellent review of Coldplay's shows in Vancouver has emerged online, courtesy of Eat.Sleep.Celebrity:


    I took the time to check out the Coldplay concert at GM Place in Vancouver, Canada yesterday and despite what I thought I was getting myself in to I was up for a surprise. The surprise was I actually enjoyed the concert more then I would have expected. The band started the set off with 4 oldies but goodies including every one's favorite song Yellow which during that time giant yellow bouncy balloons where thrown amongst the crowed. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin bursts a giant yellow balloon, then grins as confetti falls over his face.


    The sold out crowd at GM Place lets out a roar. Balloons bounce from person to person around the stadium and the sweeping melody of the British megaband’s hit song Yellow, ends after wrapping itself around the audience. I have been though my share of concerts this year and last and all I can say is even if you’re not a fan of the group’s softer edged stadium rock even if you agree clean-living Martin is the so-called “Jesus of Uncool,” as per Rolling Stone just try not to get swept away by their live show.

    Immediately, the opening notes to Violet Hill sparked howls from the scream-happy crowd a mixed bag of old, young, hip and square, peppered with plenty of couples holding hands. “If we made it to Vancouver,” Martin sang, to the lilting melody of Violet Hill. “If the rumours about you being the best crowd in the world are true.”


    Pause. That’s when he sang to the crowd that of all the cities to choose from on their world tour they had chosen to film Vancouver, Saturday and tonight. Well, you can imagine how the screamers responded. The DVD of there "Final" tour will be the Vancouver concert. I know I will be picking up the copy so I can say to my grandchildren someday "grandpa was there".


    Around the gig's halfway mark, the entire band walked through the crowd to a smaller stage perched among the rows in the back of the GM Place high in to the bleachers. There they played the pretty Green Eyes and a laid-back, funny version of Neil Diamond's I'm A Believer. During Believer, they led us through a cellphone wave. “Is everything okay so far?” Martin asked. “I know you had to go through a lot to go to our concert.” He went on to list obstacles the crowd faced, from parking and traffic to missing television. Later, seated alone at a piano situated on a side stage, Martin quipped: “I get to live out my Michael Bolton fantasies.” Then he paused, adding: “Not fantasies about Michael Bolton, you understand.”


    He then moved into a stripped down and pretty version of The Hardest Part.

    Other highlights of the night included the groove-heavy song, Lost, showcasing the group’s edges. An encore was demanded by the Vancouver audience and the got one, part of the encore was second-last song of the night Scientist which is a personal favorite of mine. During the evening of course they did a nicely ramped up Viva La Vida — the opening chords of last year’s hit so familiar to the audience that two notes in, the crowd lost it.


    Martin told the audience Colplay couldn’t ask for a better “supporting cast” in their concert film. He thanked everyone and reminded fans of their live album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, handed out at the end of the night. (And available to download free for everyone — even if you didn't make the show — on Coldplay.com.)


    Conclusion, As for the band members them selves they where just as emotionally involved as the audience Squeaky-clean, yoga-practitioner Chris Martin, 32, the band's vocalist, demonstrated all the emotion and range Coldplay's sensitive, hyper-romantic power balladry demands, while his bandmates -- Jonny Buckland on guitar, Guy Berryman on bass and Will Champion on drums --played with impressive energy and torque performance. All of this was further illuminated by a spectacular laser light show.


    Source: eatsleepcelebrity.com


    Coldplay at GM Place, Vancouver (20th June 2009):
























    Pictures by lira8 @flickr


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