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    Vote Coldplay on Channel Four's Greatest 100 videos

    Coldplay's 'The Scientist' video has been shortlisted on the 100 greatest music videos of all time. You can view and choose your votes from the whole list here, and if you think there are any Coldplay videos missing from the list you can also submit your choices for possible inclusion in the listing. 'The Scientist' is number 25 on the vote listing.


    The '100 Greatest...' lists have become well documented and popular programmes on UK television and have been compelling viewing over the past few years. Vote today for Coldplay and show the whole audience a Coldplay video in the top ten!


    A reminder of the video can be found on this site from stills here.'The Scientist' is the second single from the Sophomore album A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Arguably the best track from the monumental second record, The Scientist was apparently too downbeat for Coldplay's burgeoning American fanbase - they got Clocks as a second single instead.


    Chris Martin on 'The Scientist'


    "When me and Jonny (Buckland) went up to Liverpool on the train in November, and we were listening to what we had on the record (we had eight rough done) and we had the feeling that it was alright. And then I was sitting at this battered old piano that was completely out of tune and I'd just heard All Things Must Pass by George Harrison and heard this song called Isn't It Pity with this circular chord sequence. And this is all very anal but I felt I would like a chord sequence that went around and around, and where you don't know where it begins or ends. And this chord sequence just arrived and I thought it was really lovely. And then the whole song just came out and so we recorded it then and there, and the piano and vocal was from the day it was written.


    That's it! And the best moment of the entire record for me was when came back three weeks later when we came back to this song, I just heard through a wall this riff and that's what he does at the end, and that's my favourite bit on the record. That was a great moment because it was brilliant."


    For the video, Chris Martin had to learn the song backward. As he was walking forwards as normal, he was actually singing it backwards. So when the tape was played in reverse it looks as though Chris is singing it normally.

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