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    Coldplay Australia Interview: Final Night in Melbourne

    vivablack.jpgChris Martin is good at modesty — or maybe just at feigning it, writes theage.com.au. Standing on a stage at Rod Laver Arena before the first of three Melbourne shows, he directs his band through a soundcheck. About 20 fans — all competition winners — are gathered near the stage, savouring the opportunity to watch at close quarters as Coldplay run through their pre-show paces.


    After 15 minutes of adjustments, the band launch into a razor-sharp, ear-splittingly loud reading of their track Glass of Water. The sound fills the empty arena. As the song ends, the fans applaud. Martin runs to his microphone, puts his hand over his face in mock horror and tells them, "You don't have to clap if it's shit". After almost a decade in the limelight, Martin's bashful persona is as familiar to fans as is his band's position at the top of the charts.


    Read the full interview here and more discussion on it at the Coldplay forum here [thanks mimixxx]

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