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    Coldplay & Oxfam: 2009 Concert Volunteer Applications Now Open

    oxfamcoldplay.jpg2009 Concert Volunteer Application - Support Oxfam at the US Coldplay shows!


    Oxfam America are looking for volunteers to help out at the new Coldplay shows in the US during May, June, July and August. Fill in the form here for your application. If you wish to apply to more than one concert please fill out one application per concert. An Oxfam America organizer will respond to you as soon as possible and will send more exact schedules along with other instructions to those volunteers who are selected and reconfirmed. Spaces are limited to 20 per show. Volunteers typically arrive 1-2 hours before the concert and stay about an hour after the concert.


    There is more information on this at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards (keep checking back for more information as it gets posted). Read more for a full list of shows you can volunteer for...

    COLDPLAY 15/05/09: West Palm Beach, FL - USA

    COLDPLAY 17/05/09: Atlanta, GA - USA

    COLDPLAY 18/05/09: Birmingham, AL - USA

    COLDPLAY 20/05/09: Virginia Beach, VA - USA

    COLDPLAY 21/05/09: Washington, DC - USA

    COLDPLAY 23/05/09: Hartford, CT - USA

    COLDPLAY 24/05/09: Hershey, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 26/05/09: Philadelphia, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 27/05/09: Saratoga Springs, NY - USA

    COLDPLAY 29/05/09: Scranton, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 30/05/09: Pittsburgh, PA - USA

    COLDPLAY 01/06/09: Buffalo, NY - USA

    COLDPLAY 02/06/09: Detroit, MI - USA

    COLDPLAY 04/06/09: Cincinnati, OH - USA

    COLDPLAY 05/06/09: Indianapolis, IN - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/06/09: Nashville, TN - USA

    COLDPLAY 09/06/09: New Orleans, LA - USA

    COLDPLAY 10/06/09: San Antonio, TX - USA

    COLDPLAY 12/06/09: Des Moines, IA - USA

    COLDPLAY 13/06/09: Omaha, NE - USA

    COLDPLAY 10/07/09: Portland, OR - USA

    COLDPLAY 11/07/09: George, WA - USA

    COLDPLAY 13/07/09: San Francisco, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 14/07/09: Sacramento, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 16/07/09: San Diego, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 18/07/09: Carson, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 19/07/09: Irvine, CA - USA

    COLDPLAY 21/07/09: Dallas, TX - USA

    COLDPLAY 22/07/09: Houston, TX - USA

    COLDPLAY 24/07/09: Maryland Heights, MO - USA

    COLDPLAY 25/07/09: East Troy, WI - USA

    COLDPLAY 30/07/09: Toronto - Canada

    COLDPLAY 03/08/09: Mansfield, MA - USA

    COLDPLAY 06/08/09: Raleigh, NC - USA

    COLDPLAY 07/08/09: Charlotte, NC - USA

    COLDPLAY 09/08/09: Tampa, FL - USA


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