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    Coldplaying.com update - Exciting times ahead!

    Coldplaying.com update - Exciting times ahead!


    Hello everyone!


    There are some upcoming events/features on Coldplaying.com which we are very excited about. At the moment, news is quiet on the Coldplay front and until Coldplay's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams unravels itself, there won't be much to post about on the new events side but when there is reliable info, we'll keep you informed :) I will be resuming the Ghost Stories review series again, which was delayed because of other (time consuming) Coldplaying projects. June and July's will be posted soon and once the rest of 2014's Ghost Stories era is reviewed, it will be available to access easily via the main menu, so you can look back at those memories from the past year!


    First exciting bit of info is the new Coldplaying mobile app! It's free, simple, very fast and easy to use :) You'll be able to easily access the latest Coldplay news, posted by our team and thousands of other Coldplayers 24/7, chat to other fans going to the same Coldplay concert as you (when the next tour happens) and download live/rare songs easily. It's linked in with the forums and the main site so you won't miss a thing. Those of you who already browse our forums with Tapatalk will spot the similarities once it's launched. More will be revealed when Version 1 on the Coldplaying app is released!


    When will the app be released exactly? The first version is all ready to go on my side, it's just the uploading and preparation stage. Apple's approval process before uploading an app is very strict, so I would say a timescale of a few weeks for the app but I do hope it will be ready very soon. The Coldplaying app will also be available on Android (Google Play) :)


    The team have been working on getting some very interesting features for Coldplaying over the past weeks and you'll see those within the next week or two and we're keeping them secretive until they are posted so lots and lots to look forward to! For most of you, who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you may have noticed the 'On This Day' posts. I'll continue to post those as an exclusive on our social pages, using our archive of Coldplay history for the past 15 years :D This month, the latter part of it has been more eventful for Coldplay in the past and there are some very interesting and forgotten about news to show you!


    Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing your reaction on the Forums/FB/Twitter,


    Sparky and the rest of the Coldplaying.com team.



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