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    Coldplaying Secret Santa 2014!

    Coldplaying secret santa!

    Its that time of year again! Secret Santa is back and you can start getting in the Christmas mood with our community of Coldplayers. Firstly, i'm sure most of us gladly listen to it in the middle of June anyway but since we're on the subject of Christmas...



    Now its time to take your feet, not to Oxford Street but to 'the lounge' on the Coldplaying messageboards for the 2014 Secret Santa. By placing your name down, you will also receive a Christmas gift of a contributor point towards our October challenge (which will be announced soon). If you haven't seen it already, its a monthly contest we run on the forums where prizes can be won such as a Twitter takeover, a deluxe version of 'Ghost Stories' and 'Ghost Stories' badges! For September, you can earn points for posting Coldplay photographs across the forums.


    The original post from SantaClause on the forum with all the information you need follows this. You will need to sign up or log into the Coldplaying forum to PM SantaClause.


    Click here for the forum page and discussion


    Ho Ho Ho!


    Hello there! Secret Santa time has arrived!


    Here's how it works this year:


    * You have the option to choose between sending a card to your own continent or another continent. For example:


    Europe to Europe


    Europe to North America, South America, Africa, Asia or Australia


    * If you would like to join this year please let us know asap. The deadline for signing up is Saturday 25 October, 11:59 PM CET.


    We need the following information:

    - Your name and address; please display it as you would write it on an envelope. The only person who will receive this information is your Secret Santa.

    - Your email address (we need to be able to get in touch with you in case you won't reply to Coldplaying PMs).

    - Secret Santa match preference (your continent or other continent). Note: please only mention if you want a match from your own or another continent instead of a specific continent preference.


    You can send your details to the SantaClaus account (
    to send the PM).


    You will receive your Secret Santa match by the first week of November (3 November - 9 November).


    * A couple of important points:

    - Send your card as soon as possible but definitely before the end of November so that it will arrive in time for Christmas! Use airmail if that option is available.

    You can ask your local post office how long it will take for your card to arrive. In previous years some cards never arrived and some people received their card long after Christmas (January/February) so please try to send the card in time.

    - Send a PM to the SantaClaus account after you send your card to your Secret Santa match.

    - Post a message in this thread after receiving your card (with a photo if possible so that everyone can see what your card looks like).


    Just a heads up too, there is an issue at the moment when logging in. It may appear as if you haven't logged in. Simply refresh or click through a few pages to solve this. We've sent Santa's elves to fix this problem ;)


    The Secret Santa is a great way to say hello as a new member or if you're an old school Coldplayer. We would love to see all of you!


    From the Coldplaying moderating team : Sparky, Coeurli, Christa42, Batman, LiquidSky and Texasluvsjonny. Best Christmas wishes in advance x



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