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    [Final Voting] Coldplaying.com Awards 2008: Last chance to nominate!

    coldplayingaward.jpgThe voting for this year's Coldplaying.com Awards 2008 is now open, and will end on Saturday 15th November.


    If you haven't already, and if you are a registered member of the messageboard, you can vote by private messaging this template to the Awards2008 account. The award ceremony will take place at the end of November... more details nearer the time. Watch out - it could get messy.




    1. Copy and paste the template below, and pick one forum member for each section (or a band, album, thread etc as appropriate)

    2. Please then send your forms to Awards2008 via the PM option.

    3. You arer not allowed to vote for yourself.

    4. You are not allowed to create a new member in order to fix the votes.

    5. It is not compulsory to vote for every section, but it would be more fun if you did.

    6. Voting will end on the 15th November, and the winners will be announced late November.

    7. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, but please send your questions to 'Awards2008'.



    Mr Coldplaying of 2008:

    Mrs Coldplaying of 2008:

    Most Interesting Poster of 2008:

    Friendliest User of 2008:

    Biggest Spammer of 2008:

    Funniest poster of 2008:

    Biggest Chris fan 2008:

    Biggest Jonny Fan 2008:

    Biggest Will fan 2008:

    Biggest Guy fan 2008:

    Best Thread of 2008:

    Best "Newcomer to Coldplaying.com" of 2008:

    Best "Moderator of 2008":

    Biggest Moaner/Trouble Maker of 2008:

    Best "Signature award of 2008":

    Best Avatar of 2008:

    Best Album of 2008 which isn't viva la vida:

    Best New Group/Singer of 2008:

    Best Live Act 2008:

    Biggest Smiley user of 2008:

    Biggest Coldplaying Perv 2008:

    European Ambassador 2008:

    Asian Ambassador 2008:

    North American Ambassador 2008:

    South American Ambassador 2008:

    African Ambassador 2008:

    Oceania Ambassador 2008:

    Most likely to scare coldplay into early retirement 2008 award:

    Most Sexy User 2008:


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