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    Last 24 hours to participate in the 5th Coldplaying Mixtape Exchange - join now!

    mixtapes1.jpgIt has become a Coldplaying tradition that every couple of months the World Of Music forum holds a mixtape exchange. Over previous years it has been run by Coldplayers 'Eglantine', 'Redgirl76' and 'Kite'. To start off the new year and the new decade, 'The Escapist' has stepped up to the role of hosting the next, the 5th, mixtape exchange.


    The idea is that you get together a mix of songs that people may not have heard, that you enjoy, and sound well together (or that were just pulled out of a hat - though this option is not particularly advised!). It is really up to your musical interpretation. Basically, if you love to listen to new music and discovering new artists and genres, this is for you. AND, you can influence others' music with your style too...


    Here are the deadlines: Sign up here before 7.00pm on Saturday, 23rd January (GMT) and please submit your mixtapes by 7.00pm on Saturday, 30th January. Tapes will be sent out on the 1st Feburary.

    Here are the rules (as read by The Escapist) that have been copied from the efforts or RedGirl and Kite in previous Mixtape Exchanges and are still valid...


    1. Sign up saying you want to participate - leave your name on the thread or PM me direct

    2. When the deadline for signing up is over, you'll get a PM from me giving you the name of another participant in the Exchange. You will be making a mix for this person, whoever they may be

    3. You mustn't reveal who you are making the mix for

    4. Make your mix-tape (average length is around 50-70 minutes) and delete the info for each song.

    5. Upload the mix-tape to something like rapidshare and send me the link and a tracklisting. I will then send it to person assigned to you, keeping your identity a secret of course!

    6. When you receive a mix-tape, listen to it, write a review and post it in this thread.

    7. The person who made the mix-tape will then post the track-list and the link so everybody can download it. Simple as that.

    8. At the end, I will link all the tapes, tracklistings and reviews to the first page so everyone can download them.


    Pictures of winning auction items in the Coldplay end of decade clearout sale (lo&loud):


















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