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    [Reminder] Battle of the Musical Acts 2007: Finals: Act 2

    The Finals: Act 2


    1 - Snow Patrol vs. Radiohead

    2 - Sigur Ros vs. Arcade Fire


    To Vote

    Pick one of the 2 musical acts from each fixture and make your choice stand out above the other act (either by bolding it, or underlining it, or by deleting the other act). Add your choices here


    You don't have to vote in every fixture, you don't have to give reasons (although sometimes giving a reason is good) and you can edit your votes up-to the point where the thread will be locked at the deadline and votes counted


    Point System

    As the finals is in a 4-way table format, a victory will gain a band 2 points and a draw will gain that band 1 point. In the event of 2 or more bands sharing the same number of points after act 3, than they will be spilt up on Vote Difference, so in effect, every vote counts.


    Voting Deadline - Friday 1st June at 20:00 BST (GMT+1) [thanks David S]


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