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    Top 6 Coldplay Gifts to Buy This Christmas!

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    We have compiled our top 6 Coldplay gifts for this holiday season! Check out our top picks below:








    Matt McGinn is a full-time roadie for the band Coldplay, and a key member of its touring force and trusted friend. He has circled the globe with the band many, many times...




    Although it was released back in 2010, the book provides the definitive glimpse of backstage life. Tales of hurricanes and heatwaves, helicopter chases and private jets, plectrum hunters and projectiles all come together as Matt explains in his unique way - and regardless of the mountain (and gear) to move - that the show must always, always go on. He reveals what life is like behind the scenes at the pinnacle of rock 'n' roll touring. As Coldplay move from club gigs to arenas and stadiums worldwide, Matt goes with them; faking it as a band member on US chat shows, flirting with Kylie, saving a life on a French motorway and even pitching in with the odd guitar riff in the studio.




    You can pick up Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay on Amazon!










    Debs Wild is a former A&R executive responsible for developing bands such as Badly Drawn Boy, Keane and Coldplay. Debs discovered, developed and championed Coldplay from their Day One, and now operates as one of Coldplay HQ’s trusted inner circle. Together with Malcolm Croft, a former music journalist and popular culture commissioning editor, 'Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay", was born.




    This 208-page book captures the history of Coldplay since day one with their unique perspective and unparalleled access into the inner workings of the musicians’ world, including rehearsals, early club gigs, and candid backstage moments over their career including their 2017 global sensation tour, A Head Full of Dreams. With hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs that have never been published before, Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay is the perfect Christmas companion for any fan of the band’s fantastic music.




    You can pick up Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay on Amazon!










    Along with Coldplay's new album, 'Everyday Life' comes with it a bundle of new merchandise! Although Coldplay merchandise has not had the best reputation in recent years, this year's additions to the store have proven to be of high quality. These new additions would be a perfect stocking stuffer for that Coldplay fan in your life!




    Our top picks are the Everyday Life pop-socket, water bottle, journal and hat. All follow the monochrome theme of this album and are of a perfect size for a Christmas stocking stuffer. You can find these on the official Coldplay store or on MerchBar, which tends to have different stock to the official store.










    There is nothing a Coldplay fan will love more than the music itself. Coldplay offer their music through a variety of formats including CD, vinyl and more recently cassettes! All eight albums are available on CD and vinyl records. Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends, Live in Buenos Aires and Everyday Life are available on cassette.




    Album CD's and Vinyl are readily available online and in-stores, however, cassettes are not common and most can only be found on eBay or Discogs. We recommend you buy your records through your local independent record stores instead of buying from stores such as Amazon. Support local!










    Coldplay has an extensive range of t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, posters and more on their official store and in comparison to recent years, it seems that this year's merchandise saw a massive bump in quality.




    Any Coldplay fan would be glad to receive clothes from their favourite band so order as soon as possible to receive in time for Christmas! You can pick up Coldplay merchandise on the official Coldplay store or on MerchBar.








    Rare Coldplay items are on the top of my list as they are possibly the most expensive! However, you can pick up rare records such as 'The Blue Room EP', 'Midnight', 'Up With The Birds' or 'Brothers & Sisters' for a reasonable price on eBay.




    The 'Coldplay: The Singles 1999-2006' boxset is an ideal gift for any Coldplay fan with a record player. The boxset includes every single the band have released in that period and is a perfect collector's item. If money is no option then 'Safety EP' is the ultimate Coldplay rarity but I would not recommend spending anywhere near the asking prices for it!




    Rare Coldplay items are worth looking out for on eBay!

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