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    When will we hear a new single from Coldplay?

    coldplaynme.jpgRumours and discussion on the timing of Coldplay's new single and album have gone into overdrive in the last few days, as the band's festival tour dates loom large. Official sources are tight-lipped about any new release, but in 16 days Coldplay will hit the stage at the Rock am Ring/Rock im Park festivals in Germany whilst their new album hits the mixing tables in New York (or so we're led to believe).


    We have previously reported what the media have said about no new festival material and of course the Oracle has discussed this before but until official dates are announced the rumour mill rumbles on (add your point of view now!).


    So, we want to know what you think in our latest poll - when do you think we will hear a new single from Coldplay? If you're not sure - you're not alone! Here are just some of the latest comments to come out of the "When do you think LP5 will come out?" thread in the Coldplay forum...

    My belief (not fact) in this moment, is that there are parts of the record being already mixed (Markus Dravs involved apart from the main mixers) or maybe (I say maybe) that it's possible that it's been totally mixed in this moment. In fact, if there's a single to arrive soon, in terms of a few weeks (like Mr. Buckland said) then it must have been already mixed or will be mixed in terms of just days, before the live acts begin. Have you checked Michael H. Brauer's (one of the main mixers of "Viva" and "Christmas Lights") twitter (twitter.com/mhb850) or website (www.mbrauer.com) in the last few weeks? He remains very silent about current projects..., except for courses in France, and then he's not in his New York studio. And Mr. Martin was photographed in New York just days ago. Expect a big anouncement sooner than you think. That's all I can say, folks [thanks locust7]


    Personally I found the way of releasing/promotion LP5 highly confusing. Because we know album has name and biggest part has been already recorded. So why in this case they can't give us some info? Perhaps Martin is waiting until the last moment for some genius sparkle, I don't know. But I know exactly that lack of news is pissing me off. Thats why I think they have some problems with songs/sound/etc. Single should be announced at least a month before release and couple of month before album release. We have 2 weeks before first festival and band is working hard to be ready. There are simply no room for single, sorry guys. We are fans and hope for better but we shouldn't be delusional. Oracle told us no new material at festivals. We heard nothing about album. If the single would come we definitely will hear something, because it's impossible to prevent this sort of news from leaking. I prepare for worst. Band will return to studio in August-September, single in October, album closer to NY (New Year). [thanks Odvan]


    I think that the new single will be released very soon and radio stations know something about it. I had a conversation with one of polish DJs. - He: New single from Coldplay will be very surprising and it will be sooner than you expect. - Me: Where do you know it from? 1. From fans 2. From Johny and his "sooner than expected"? 3. Do you know something we don't know? - He: 3. [thanks michal91d]


    I have thought all along that they could not be headlining summer festivals all over the world without a new album out...4 LPs are not enough to keep mainstream rockers (not die-hard CP fans) interested with old songs, you know?....Just sayin'...it would be the best plan for them to release a new album before the touring begins.. [thanks Yeshe]


    I don't think that they will release a single all of the sudden...there's something call marketing and promotion and when you're such a big band, that is very important...things are shaping up but I am still holding to what the CEO of Parlophone said - towards the autumn... [thanks the_escapist]


    I fully believe Brauer has been mixing large portions of the Coldplay album this month. No updates on his twitter of note the past month. Obviously been told to keep a lid on it. Very very secretive process from the lads. [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    Blagh. I'm so over waiting for something new from them. Seriously, no matter how little time or how long a time before a single/album was released that they announced something new was coming people will still buy it. I don't get why they need to be all secretive, just announce the damn thing already or give some definitive answer that it won't be coming until the fall. Annoyed fan is annoyed. [thanks yeahhright]


    Kind of disappointing Roadie 42 has been silent for over a month now. I think we got the impression we were going to be getting a steady stream of news. Something tells me that might be a good sign though. Obviously they're busy preparing for the festivals, but maybe we're closer to an album and single than it might seem. If they were still providing steady info at this stage, I'd have to imagine that meant they were trying to satiate us. Hopefully the pre-album unfolding will really kick into gear soon. I think we have to be positive about how they've already incorporated the new album themes into the presentation. That means a serious aspect of the final design is already complete or close to it. If all we're waiting on is mixing, than we may have a single soon enough. My hope is by June 15th. Mid-June. [thanks footyfan10]


    As far as I'm concerned, the album is at least nearly done. A single could easily be ready for presentation. Moreover, I never saw a clear statement that said: There won't be any new songs at the festivals. All I've seen was overinterpretation and a reaction to this that said something like "I don't think there's anything bad about playing a greatest hits set with old songs at festivals". Themes of the album are clear, the website shows that. Not only from the information in this thread, but also from the latest roadie blog it seems clear, that everything is near finished. So there must be songs that could at least be played live. => First new song(s) June, 3rd at the latest. And the following day it's not too unlikely that the peformance will be televised live on German TV. So we could hear the first high quality version(s) on June, 4th. [thanks r25d01]


    Single could be present today by web, easily. But the point is promotion. That means shitload of interview, radio appearances, live show, etc all over the world, or at least in major markets like USA, UK, West Europe. People need to be aware, new Coldplay songs is coming. Not only fans, but other people too. For proper presentation they need at least month. And be sure something would definitely leak, because this sort of things arranged long time before. Coldplay isn't some small independent band. EMI suffers and needs money, be sure owners will squeeze every cent from biggest and popular band in the world. [thanks Odvan]


    Lets ask Ian! [thanks Juanma8]


    Latest pictures of Chris Martin in London this week... [thanks mimixxx & Natascha]










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