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    Coldplay at the NRJ Awards - Au Revoir to the Ghost Stories era!

    Coldplay at the NRJ Awards - Au Revoir to the Ghost Stories era!The band performed on the stage at the NRJ Awards in Cannes, France yesterday, as they capped off their final scheduled appearance of the beautiful Ghost Stories era, in front of a fun and cheerful audience. We heard the news of the performance prematurely, ahead of what was thought to be a live performance today but was infact pre-recorded in Cannes yesterday. A Sky Full Of Stars was the one track performed to the dancing audience of French enthusiasts. It's also confirmed that Chris Martin played a cover of White Christmas backstage, after the event but there are no apparent recordings of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGFK-VASykAThanks to yzachris for the video and the heading imageWat.TV in France interviewed Chris and Jonny (more as an observer!). Captain Crieff on the forums was kind enough to translate the interview, featured in the video below as fluently as she could.

    Our life is crazy, compared to when we were 19, but we're still the same people, we haven't changed. we still think, yeah, we're just regular.[blablabla 6th album, Ghost Stories blabla]I personally really needed that album, for myself. Everything that's happened to you in your life is a bit like your ghosts, and the idea is to turn those experiences into gold.All that we're trying to do is being honest. With what we're going through in our lives and what we're excited about. Honestly it's hard to describe it more than that, it's just… it's always true

    Let us know your opinion of the Ghost Stories era, as it's drawn to a close, in a new forum topic, Looking back - Your highs & lows (if any) of the Ghost Stories era? Will and Guy were interviewed too as Coldplay's drummer re-iterated the outlook of the band's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams,

    "It's like the end of a particular series and...I think we'll keep recording albums"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtMxi4C8nNc&feature=youtu.beAnd to finish, an update from Coldplayzone.it on the Ghost Stories Live 2014 sales so far. Very interesting to know!

    #GhostStoriesLive2014 has sold 152.779 digital copies worldwide so far

    — coldplayzone.it (@coldplayzoneit) December 13, 2014

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