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    New music videos to be released with Ghost Stories DVD!

    Coldplay - Ghost Stories live 2014Coldplay fans woke up this morning to the brilliant news after a quiet few months that the spectacular Ghost Stories TV special we watched back in May will be released in DVD, CD and Blu-Ray format on 24th November! (Or 21st in Ireland and a select few countries) What makes this release extra special are the extra's which come as part of the whole package. A CD full of live highlights from 2014 will feature, along with eight (yes, 8!!!) music videos, featuring the already seen Midnight, Magic, A Sky Full Of Stars and True Love. The four unseen clips include : Magic, the extended cut in colour (We wandered what on earth happen to that), Ink (Live at The Royal Albert Hall) and music videos for B-sides/deluxe tracks, All Your Friends and Ghost Story!. All Your Friends will be themed around World War 1 as we are told by iTunes.Coldplay.com have announced that the live audio of Ink and the alternate live take of Always In My Head will both be downloaded automatically upon pre-ordering the live album on iTunes. You can alternatively buy them separately should you prefer to order your physical copy of the DVD/CD/Blu-Ray from Amazon. >

    The tracklisting

    DVD/Blu-rayGhost Stories Live 20141. Always In My Head2. Magic3. Ink4. True Love5. Midnight6. Another’s Arms7. Oceans8. A Sky Full Of Stars9. OMusic videos:1. Midnight2. Magic (Extended Director's Cut)3. A Sky Full Of Stars4. True Love5. Ink (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)6. All Your Friends7. Ghost Story8. Always In My Head (Artwork Animation) Alternate Live Takes:1. Always In My Head2. Oceans CD:1. Always In My Head (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London) 2. Magic (Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney) 3. Ink (Live at Le Casino de Paris, Paris) 4. True Love (Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney) 5. Midnight (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London) 6. Another’s Arms (Live at the Beacon Theatre, New York) 7. Oceans (Live at E-Werk, Cologne)8. A Sky Full Of Stars (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London)9. O (Live at Royce Hall, Los Angeles)


    View the magnificent official trailer belowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoXLp4x8SysWatch the band's chemistry during 'Ink' from a new uploaded video on the official Coldplay Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLhcmwvI1DgAnd thanks to @Coldplayatlas for the photos of Always In My Head (Alternate Live Take)

    PHOTOS: Always In My Head (Alternate Live Take) - #GhostStoriesLive2014 - pic.twitter.com/aPvC4aBaxB

    — Atlas Project (@ColdplayAtlas) October 20, 2014
    Ecstatic Coldplayers are making their voices heard over the forums and on the social. nvdmm expressed their delight over the news :

    I'm extremely excited about this. The moment I read about All Your Friends and Ghost Story I jumped! Also, the album packaging and overall visuals for this album was superb and I'm sure this set will add to that.

    KaeEM explains the 'alternate take' of Always In My Head for us :

    In the TV Special the video of "Always in my Head" was filmed without an audience and with Chris floating around above the stage. And "Oceans" was filmed outside on a pier. I guess on the DVD version you can also see the live version as it was performed in front of the audience.
    @Coldplayatlas has taken some great screencaps for us. Remember, you can download this version now on iTunes, or receive it when pre-ordering the
    Ghost Stories
    filmand it was very uplifting news for
    Steph Curtin
    on Twitter

    Just cheered me up that's for sure! :)
    — Steph Curtin (@TravellingFrodo)

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