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    7th Coldplay album will be the 'completion of a story' & more plans

    7th Coldplay album will be the 'completion of a story' & more plans.


    Before this week, we knew very little of Coldplay's next album other than the band were set to be working in the studio more after their round of intimate shows for their 6th album, Ghost Stories. The early pre New York solo show interviews didn't reveal much on the new material front, with the interviewers focus being on Chris' personal life, the New York show and his musical influences. This changed as the other day, it was revealed by Chris that Coldplay have been working on their next project and a new tour will follow. With the tour itself, Chris has mentioned "a couple of years" previously, so whether LP7 will still be further down the line or the 'tour to follow' could essentially mean after the promotion of a new album (which could take a while!), is yet to be determined. The new rounds of interviews today bring us new information on the bands next studio effort and their plans for more fan interaction during the next world tour.


    7th Coldplay album


    Chris Martin - Live performances


    We will start off with the audio from Chris' fantastic performance for SiriusXM radio, broadcast this morning! The setlist was : Always in My Head, Clocks, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full of Stars and O. Audio links are with big thanks to Buckin-Love on Youtube who uploaded all of these links for Coldplayers to listen, great job!












    Chris interview with SiriusXM


    This excellent interview reveals new facts about the upcoming seventh Coldplay LP and the next world tour, directly from Chris Martin himself. It's a must to read and listen to! Here are the main highlights from the revealing interview :


    - On the subject of no world tour for Ghost Stories : "I didn't feel like I could jump around the stadium and sing them so then some other songs started to come through towards the end of it which felt like they wanted to become a bit bigger so we gotta kind of record them, it just felt like the right thing to do, I can’t explain it”.


    - Chris came up with a rhythm for a new song during a recent live show. It came to him when playing live and he had to go off stage for a quick interval and note it down.


    - Chris is loving writing and recording at the moment. Lots of ideas are coming through. Most of the writing takes place in the middle of the night.


    - The boys are always in the studio recording over time. Chris says "life is short and you gotta grab it while you can".


    - Coldplay's 5th member, Phil Harvey sometimes goes out and plays new songs for people and reports back.


    - The next album / LP7 will be the "competition of some kind of story", ‘like the final Harry Potter book’!


    - The most alive feeling for Chris Martin apart from having children is to have fans sing-along at concerts. “Infact we are trying to do a thing on our next tour where by we are trying to think of ways of connecting people while they are coming to the concert because as we all show up to these places and hang out with thousands of other people with exactly the same taste but we all disperse and never talk again so I love it when everyone comes together as one thing as its so poetic and makes me have faith in humanity”.


    Much lighthearted chat and the usual Chris humour we love takes place. Chris chat's about his email inbox rejecting song lyrics he emails to himself as spam! The apparent release of albums during the summer period is explained by Chris (with tounge in cheek) as avoiding the reviewers while they are on holiday. His advice from 'The Boss', Bruce Springsteen is another highlight as Chris tells of his love of music. The two part interview can be heard below.






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    VH1 top 20 video interview


    This was an interview with a more casual flavour and being able to see Chris in the flesh, in addition to his rapping skills during a clip from 2003. Chris was blushing a little there!


    Chris Martin nominated Paradise as his favourite Coldplay video, telling us what his Dad said to him, "You’ll have to ride a unicycle when the music goes wrong"!


    One of the highlights was Chris picking Parachutes as his favourite Coldplay album cover. “The truth is, I love our first album cover best, Parachutes, which came out in 1956” Chris explained, "We went to a stationary store in England & we bought a globe. Backstage in a city called Leeds, Guy span the globe & Will shot it” and that's how the band ended up with their first album cover!


    The video and download links can be seen below.




    If you cannot view the video, you can download it here on the forums (thank you to KaeEM)

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