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    A Sky Full of Stars (Avicii edit) - Hear it now!

    A Sky Full of Stars (Avicii edit)


    Swedish superstar Avicii's edit of the Ghost Stories track, A Sky Full of Stars, which he produced alongside Paul Epworth, surfaced online, revealing what the energetic, EDM inspired track would be like if the Swedish producer had it all his way! The chorus is full blown EDM, opposed to the mixture of styles Coldplay wanted, to fit into the sound of Ghost Stories.



    ^ Chris Martin and Avicii in the studio


    A notable inclusion within the Avicii's edit was the guitar playing before a new set of lyrics, "cause in your eyes, cause in your eyes is a spark" which is an apparent fan favourite from this edit. You can listen to the new edit below via Soundcloud...



    Fan reactions...so far, on the forums!


    by theprospekt


    Great edit! Why wasn't this on the album!?!? It's a much better EDM song.


    So yeah, mixed feelings.


    by MosesTheMarshmellow


    Good version but I think what made it on the album was much more concise and polished. Only thing from the Avicii version that I would've kept were the altered lyrics since they're more varied than in the final song.


    by 42JTR


    I like the extra guitar parts, and the more heavy EDM but I understand why they didn't use this one for the album. It doesn't feel as cohesive as the album version. But it's nice


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