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    Deluxe tracks to be released for A Sky Full of Stars EP

    A Sky Full of Stars EP.


    Anchorman, on the official Coldplay website has announced that the forthcoming single release of A Sky Full of Stars, scheduled for June 29th in the UK, will be released worldwide on Sunday 28th June as part of an EP and will contain a radio edit of Coldplay's 2nd single in addition to the previously unavailable tracks outside of the US from the Ghost Stories deluxe edition sold by US retailer 'Target', which includes All Your Friends, Ghost Story and O (reprise).


    A Sky Full of Stars EP


    Chris Martin mentioned during the famous Zane Lowe interview before the album release, the extra tracks are set to be released 6 months from said interview. Could this EP be what Chris was referring to, perhaps originally planned at a later date, for the 3rd single? Or with an array of tracks not making the album cut and with Coldplay's impending studio return after the Ghost Stories tour, we may even see more tracks released by the end of the year!


    Here is a preview of Ghost Story on the official Coldplay Youtube channel, from the deluxe version of Ghost Stories and the forthcoming A Sky Full of Stars EP, which is very highly rated by the fans who have heard it so far, as described in the official Coldplaying Ghost Stories review!



    The EP will be available from download stores worldwide, with the exception of the US, where the three exclusive tracks feature on a Deluxe version of Ghost Stories, available on CD or download from Target stores and at Target.com/coldplay. The EP will be priced at £1.99 in the UK.


    Tracklisting :


    1. A Sky Full Of Stars (radio edit)

    2. All Your Friends

    3. Ghost Story

    4. O (Reprise)



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