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    A Sky Full of Stars video shoot in Sydney

    A Sky Full of Stars video shoot.

    Coldplay have arrived in Sydney, Australia, ready for their next leg of the Ghost Stories tour. The band are also due to play the '50th Max sessions' show on Wednesday, more on that at the end of the article.


    Phil Harvey sent out a tweet yesterday, asking for fans to meet on Australia St, in Sydney for the A Sky Full of Stars video shoot the following day at 11.30am local time.


    250 fans needed for #ASFOSvideo tomorrow (tues). Meet 11.30am at courthouse hotel, 202 Australia St, Newtown, Sydney. Bring a smile. PH


    — Coldplay (@coldplay) June 16, 2014


    Many fans were queuing up hours beforehand! (thank you to Stephen Heffernan on Twitter)




    The video shoot itself was a festival of fun, colours and over 250 fans having a great time with Coldplay! View the gallery below for the A Sky Full of Stars video shoot as it happened. (thank you to Batman for finding these photos)


    [soliloquy id=25544]


    After the video shoot, the guys performed an exclusive acoustic for ecstatic Australian fans who were having the greatest possible start to the day! (thanks to themercury in Australia for the video)



    Coldplayer reactions

    The A Sky Full of Stars video shoot has enticed many fans so far on our forums with the following positive reviews from Coldplayers :


    by ColdplaySheffield

    This looks like it has the potential to be one of Coldplay's best videos yet! It looks brilliant! They looked to be having a lot of fun shooting it what the hell are they wearing though?! Hahaaa.


    Really can't wait to see this !

    FJK_12 preferred the route Coldplay were taking for this video

    Im so glad they've gone down this route for the video. The more serious, big budget overblown videos never have any character and no element of fun in them. Can't wait for this video!

    Apparently, a Koala advised a fan (as they do!) that the video for A Sky Full of Stars video will be ready as soon as later on today! A simple and raw video would be in order if that was true and would make a complimentary contrast to the heavy production on the song itself. Phil Harvey also happened to be dressed as a Koala bear on the set of the video...hmmm.....


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    Coldplay at the 50th Max Sessions in Sydney

    It was revealed recently that "the Award-winning music legends Coldplay will play live at an exclusive gig for Foxtel’s MAX TV channel to celebrate the 50th MAX Session in Sydney on Wednesday, June 18 at The Star Event Centre"


    Click here to see the full article and discussion


    There have been a few lucky fans who had won the competition to see Coldplay live at the MAX sessions, Lucyb on the forums was a lucky Coldplayer who will be present to see the band hopefully bring back some tracks out of the bands back catalogue! It's unknown though as to how many tracks the band will play on the day.


    The show itself is not due to be aired until August.

    The one hour special 50th MAX Sessions: Coldplay will premiere on Foxtel’s MAX channel Saturday, August 9 at 7.30pm. Encore screenings on MAX will premiere Saturday, August 9 at 10pm, and Sunday, August 10 at 10am, 5pm and 11pm.


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