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    Chris Martin interviews - "Ghost Stories" is like an ice cream flavor!

    Chris Martin interviews - "Ghost Stories" album launch period



    Photo by Sarah Carroll/AMP Radio


    Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin is doing the rounds in various interviews supporting the Monday release of new album, Ghost Stories.


    Chris Co-Hosts with Carson Daly on 97.1 Amp Radio


    It was announced on short notice that Chris Martin would be Co-Hosting a radio show in Los Angeles. AMP 97.1 Radio to be exact with the regular DJ, Carson Daly. The audio of all three parts to the interview appears on AMP radio's website here


    Carson Daly conducts an excellent interview and makes Chris, who recently opened up during an emotional Zane Lowe interview a few weeks ago, feel at ease. The highlights from the interview where EDM influences such as the production from Avicii, on second single, A Sky Full of Stars were explained and Chris compares the new album to a flavour of ice cream!


    “This song came out in about five minutes, it just came through and the first person we thought of to help us produce it was Tim [bergling], Avicii,” lead singer Chris Martin revealed while co-hosting on Mornings with Carson Daly. “He was very sweet and we pushed him so hard on it and I’m so grateful that he lent us his backwards baseball cap services.”

    “That’s not really something that we could’ve done fifteen years ago,” he said of the song. “But now I just feel like, you’re just free to do anything you like.”


    “With this one I feel like we made exactly what we wanted to make. It’s a strange feeling because we've only really achieved that once or twice before.To me, we've made a flavor of ice cream and we made it really well. Some people may not want that flavor that day or might not like ice cream. It doesn't make me question that we should have made it. This is something we specifically designed. It isn't for everybody. It’s never easy when someone says, ‘I really don’t like your music.’ In this instance, there’s nothing I can do about it, ’cause this is exactly what we were supposed to make.”


    Chris Martin on the Ryan Seacrest show


    Chris Martin also made an appearance live on air with Ryan Seacrest to which an 8 minute interviewed was aired. You can listen to the interview in full below which greatly features Chris' great sense of humour with thanks to ryanseacrest.com for the audio and the transcript of the interview!



    Coldplay’s Chris Martin Talks ‘Ghost Stories,’ Kissing Andrew Garfield


    Coldplay‘s Ghost Stories, comes out on Monday, and we were lucky enough to have Chris Martin stop by On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday morning to tell us more about their new album … as well as that kiss he shared with Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield on Saturday Night Live.


    “We went tongue to tongue,” joked Chris about the hilarious TV moment, for which he didn’t even need cue cards. “I learned that scene like my life depended on it, and I’m still waiting for the call for the next movie.”


    But did the two actually touch lips? Even though Chris had his back to the camera for the moment, he told Ryan and Ellen K., “The truth is absolutely. The director said, ‘You really don’t need to.’ [And] I said, ‘I really do.’”


    As for Coldplay’s sixth album, the singer explained that he’s been working on its material “in some ways, over 30 years, and in other ways, about two.”


    The lyrics for the songs, including “Magic” and “Always in My Head,” come to him “most often in the middle of the night. I don’t sleep so much between about 11 and 2 or 3.”


    And he was especially creative during the full moon on Wednesday night when Chris told Ellen he wrote “one-and-a-half [songs] about dreaming.”


    The cover of Ghost Stories — a pair of wings forming two halves of a heart — conveys the message behind the album, explained Chris. “The idea of Ghost Stories is how to turn something bad into something that gives you an uplift.”


    The band also worked with Avicii — or “Tim” as Chris calls him — on “A Sky Full of Stars.”


    “I had that song and it had just come out of the sky about 2 o’clock in the morning about five months ago,” explained Chris. “The rest of the band were in London because we had just finished a session together, but Tim was here, so I asked him, ‘Is there any way you can come in a do this demo?’ And in about 20 minutes, he turned it into this full-on thing and it was just wonderful to do that … he was there from the beginning.”


    Chris Martin on the Kevin and Bean show - KROQ




    Another Chris appearance! This time on the world famous KROQ.


    You can view the full article and all parts of the interview on their website here.


    Chris talked about a range of topics including the 'Ghost Stories film'


    We always wanted to do this film where we would build a 360 structure in a soundstage, like where they made The Wizard of Oz. And, so we did. And we made with our friends these projections and we just wanted to have an immersive…I think it comes from being up in Griffith Park and going up to the Observatory. Sometimes it’s nice to be wrapped up in something. And it sort of represents the album and it’s the same thing. If you need it, go in there. And if you don’t, don’t worry about it


    Upcoming appearences


    Upcoming interview airings are scheduled with Chris Martin and Will Champion on Sunday night in Australia. Watch the hilarious preview below!



    A reminder : the first airing for the Ghost Stories TV special will happen on NBC North America on Sunday 18th May


    Finally, as announced on the official Coldplay website, the band will appear for an album release party on Monday 19th May



    Good evening. We're pleased to report that the band will celebrate the release of the new album, Ghost Stories, with a special performance that airs on Monday, 19 May from the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles (the day the album is released!).


    The event will feature a performance by Coldplay, as well as a Q&A discussing the making of the new album, hosted by Elvis Duran.


    [sorry, US only] will exclusively stream the iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Coldplay to US users (see player below). It will also broadcast on more than 130 Clear Channel CHR, Hot-AC, Alt and AAA stations across the country.


    It takes place at 6 pm ET/ PT/ 7 pm MT / 8 pm CT.


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