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    Watch - Chris Martin performing at Sirius XM

    Chris Martin performed for satellite radio station Sirius XM on August 10th and delighted us all with a mixture of old Coldplay classics and new 'Ghost Stories'.


    For the first time, a video clip of Chris playing the closing track from the standard edition of 'Ghost Stories' has been released. The emotional expressions from the frontman are a joy to watch and for 'O', this may be the finest version of the song so far. Another memorable live version of 'O' was on the 'Ghost Stories' film but the track wasn't played live for the majority of Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' mini tour.



    Coldplay have also released another video, this time of Coldplay's 2nd hit single on 'Ghost Stories', 'A Sky Full Of Stars' in a much more simple, striped back fashion! It was Chris Martin's first time playing the piano version of the EDM inspired track. Take a look....



    Chris Martin also answered questions posed to him by the DJ's and the few lucky Coldplay fans present at the Sirius XM studios. In the below video, Chris talks about his advice from 'The Boss' himself, Bruce Springsteen.



    Check out the download links for Chris Martin's appearance at the Sirius XM studios

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