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    The meaning of A Sky Full of Stars & more Chris Martin chat!

    The meaning of A Sky Full of Stars & more Chris Martin chat!


    Another day and another bunch of Chris Martin interviews to bring. Could get used to this! Today's radio escapade brought an interview with station 103.5 KTU H20 Wireless, Sirius XM hits 1 and 95.5 PLJ on the Todd Show.


    Chris Martin's time at 103.5 KTU started with the question of which celeb would he like to meet. Having met many celebs, the only person he mentioned was basketball legend, LeBron James, that's if Chris didn't meet him already! Chris said he would like to take his son Moses to meet Basketball players Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. When asked about the meaning of A Sky Full of Stars, Chris explained "A Sky Full of Stars is about when you just say to someone, whatever you do is awesome and I love you no matter what, even if you hit me in the face or steal my sandwich, whatever you do”, adding its essentially about unconditional love.


    The jokes continued and Chris' witty humour was in full flow. "You know the band Coldplay? I met them once, in MacDonalds, they were not nice, very aggressive" while laughing. The Coldplay frontman was asked about Speed of Sound being rumoured to be the least favourite song he likes to perform and Chris, reflecting thought it was "63% true" and added that certain songs remind you of a certain period of your life and it was a rocky period but was adamant he still liked the 1st single from X&Y.



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    There were a few clips from Chris Martin's interview with Sirius XM, who will be broadcasting his solo performance tomorrow (Here is all the info you need on the day).


    We heard Chris chat to Sirius about Avicii. "To me he's just a guy called Tim, he's such a sweet young man". On the subject of the actual radio station he was being interviewed at, he confessed to being a fan of Sirius XM hits 1, perhaps surprisingly mentioning of his delight of hearing A Sky Full of Stars on the radio as Chris has always appeared uncomfortable on the subject of listening to his own song's but Chris seems more comfortable with the EDM effort. The delight came from driving his kids, Apple and Moses and when A Sky Full of Stars came on the radio, Chris was like "ok, my life is complete, and they were like Dad, Dad! It just made me so happy".


    Chris described the joy of having emotion in EDM and he cleverly substituted the 'Electronic' with 'Emotional' yesterday during another interview. "Thank you so much" was his response to Sirius XM hits 1 playing the 2nd single from Ghost Stories.




    (massive thanks to gai!)


    The Todd show interviewed Chris Martin in front of some lucky winners of the meet and greet competition. The talk started with Chris telling the guys in the studio of how it gets easier to be in a band longer with each other and mentioned “when we met we were teenagers so at that time lots of people were in bands and it wasn't unusual but at this time, to be with the same group of friends is amazing”. When the band do get annoyed, Chris jokingly would say they will send him to New York to play solo! During the very friendly and down to earth interview, the British frontman tells about the time Chris and Will tried to play on the street and were moved on by police and talks about Weird Al Jankovic.


    Negative personal comments used to affect Chris but it doesn't anymore. The turning point for him was during Coldplay gigs in front of 20,000-50,000 stoked fans and he wouldn't want something small like that to affect him. When Chris was asked about potential solo projects down the line, he replied "no no, god no" and ended with “being in the band is the best job ever, its so fun”, “we had a list of things we would like to do when we were 18 and slowly we get to tick it together, its amazing”.





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