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    Preview of the Ghost Stories launch : Coldplay's cinematic approach

    Ghost Stories launch : The day before the big release!


    The Ghost Stories launch : one moment we have all been waiting for since the Midnight video was bestowed upon us months ago which may seem like an eon for some! The new Coldplay album of 2014, Ghost Stories will finally be released on Parlophone records in North America and the UK on May 19th, with the album already released in Australia and in various European countries such as Austria and Belgium on Friday just gone.


    Ghost Stories - Coldplay




    The tour will be more intimate than ever, in your living room!


    Chris Martin has gone on record to state during multiple interviews including the famous Zane Lowe interview that the band will not be touring further than the current intimate tour which is halfway through. Instead, as the album is more personal, the band's efforts were concentrated on the Ghost Stories film they recorded during the secret LA show in March. Coldplay originally wanted to tour the world with the same set used in the upcoming film/TV special which is U2 inspired with a very cinematic edge but as Chris explained, they simply cannot afford it. To give you an idea of the costs involved, It would take $4 million a night to tour with the same stage! To tour this twice would cost over the whole amount Coldplay spent (est $7 million) on Xylobands during the Mylo Xyloto tour in 2012



    TV special preview


    The complete list from Coldplay.com of times for the Ghost Stories TV special are listed in full below :


    US: 18 May, 7pm ET/PT - NBC

    Canada: 18 May, 7pm ET/PT - NBC

    UK: 19 May, 9.30pm - Sky Arts 1 HD

    Italy: 19 May, 8.10pm - Sky Uno / Sly Arte 10pm / Sky Uno (replica) 11pm

    Spain: 19 May, 7.15pm - Canal+1

    France: 22 May, 11.25pm - France 2 in "Alcaline, le Concert"

    Denmark – 31 May, 9pm, DR3

    Finland: 1 June, 9.55pm on Yle Teema


    For fans who do not have access to those listed TV channels such as Sky Arts in the UK which is not available on freeview, you can watch our multimedia forum for links to watch as soon as they are available!


    We will take a sneak peek at the landmark TV special about to air, starting with a preview of Magic




    See behind the scenes of the filming :



    And a preview of the Sky Arts documentary about the making of Ghost Stories :




    Pumped up for the Ghost Stories launch? Good! Enjoy these shows wherever you are and watch Coldplaying.com for the news afterwards including the full documentary on the making of Ghost Stories!


    And finally, for those who haven't heard this, here is a link on Soundcloud to listen to Ghost Story from the deluxe edition of Coldplay's new album.


    Coldplay - Ghost Story


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