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    Poll results and opinions - 'ASFOS' on 'Ghost Stories'

    A Sky Full of Stars on Ghost StoriesYou were recently quizzed over the inclusion of 'A Sky Full Of Stars' on Coldplay's latest album, 'Ghost Stories'. While the song has become the band's biggest hit from the 'lower key' album, the majority of the band were not convinced with the version of the song Chris was planning to release prior to the album. Let's find out whether you were convinced of the 'ASFOS' inclusion on 'Ghost Stories'... Let's start off with the Coldplayers who approved the inclusion of 'ASFOS' :nev72 on the messageboards is convinced after some live inspiration from the band

    When I went to see them at Royal Albert Hall (2nd July), prior to performing ASFOS, Chris said "You can't have the sad songs without the happy songs". I think that sums it up perfectly. ASFOS definitely brightens up the album, as the Oracle said, it's"the light at the end of the tunnel; a happy ending of hope if you will." I think GS is a much more complete album with ASFOS than without it.

    Steph Curtin was involved with the Facebook discussion :

    I think it fits perfectly with the album and the way the songs each evolve. Chris did a great interview with Zane Lowe where they talked in depth about what each song means and why they're placed where they are.

    Our moderator/co-Tweeter, Coeurli shared her opinion on Coldplay's anthemic desire and the end of a 'spiritual journey'.

    I agree, I think GS works better with ASFOS. It actually became one of my ultimate favourites from the album, and I think it's becoming one of those iconic Coldplay songs. The initial reaction from a lot of people was "eww EDM", but it brightens the album, as it was pointed out, and also it goes on showing how they can put their own spin, identity and soul into a different genre. I think it's a great anthem, and would it really be Coldplay without a proper smashing anthem?From Chris' interviews, especially the one with Zane Lowe, I also feel that this particular song sort of crystallises the whole point of the album, how Chris is sharing his "spiritual journey" with us, how he needed to learn to completely open up and accept being vulnerable...this is what ASFOS is about, and ultimately what Ghost Stories is about, I think.It was played everywhere on radio and tv all the time this summer so, finally, from a commercial point of view, I guess they were definitely right to let it on GS

    Now, the opinions from fans who are not convinced by the inclusion of 'ASFOS' on the album : lennyrott1 voted in favour of a ASFOS-less album

    I really really really had a hard time answering this question, but I ended up voting "without." won't lie, the sudden rush out of Oceans into the upbeat, emotive chords of ASFOS is amazing! It is a surge of ecstasy that I love every time. I even have come to like the lyrics for just being so damn earnest. The problem is that when the synths come surging into the dance beat of the song, it does suddenly seem really jarring. Every time I listen to that thumping part I think back to Oceans and am like "really?" Had they all decided on a different, less bombastic EDM version of ASFOS that was still really optimistic, poppy, and fun I would be all for its inclusion. Those synths sandwiched between the soft waves of Oceans and the angelic piano of Fly On? Just doesn't work, though I really appreciate the effort.

    A short but to the point comment from Daniel Lumpkin on Facebook

    No this song would of fit on mx but def not gs. While obviously this isn't the weakest album it's def not one I revisit.

    Poll Results

    The poll, asking you whether you prefer 'Ghost Stories' with or without 'A Sky Full Of Stars' ended up in a victory for Coldplayers who approve of 'A Sky Full Of Stars' featuring on Coldplay's sixth LP.122 votes to 'with', compared to just 45 votes for 'without'. 16 Coldplayers were still undecided!

    40 million views!

    The official video to 'A Sky Full Of Stars' has now reached an amazing 40 million views!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPRjCeoBqrIThe 'original' unreleased video to 'ASFOS' which leaked online over 1 month ago is still on Vimeo to stream.

    Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Alternative Video) from arthy on Vimeo.

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