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    Coldplay release quirky music video for 'True Love'

    Coldplay release quirky music video for 'True Love'


    Many of us have been waiting this week for the official video for Coldplay's new single, 'True Love'. The music video for the 3rd single off 'Ghost Stories' was surprisingly premiered at a later time in the day than previous videos and we finally got to see what the strange suit was that Chris Martin had mailed to him!. The Russian acrobat inspired video, which Chris Martin described as 'a bit silly' sees the singer and his soon to be ballet partner, dressed in larger than life sumo outfit which dominated the theme of the video.


    Video for True Love


    Jonas Åkerlund is the director once more for the 'True Love' video, as he was for the band's 1st single from LP6, 'Magic'. Jessica Lucas is the co-starring actress alongside Chris Martin, who has appeared in popular films such as She's the Man, Cloverfield and That Awkward Moment. Like the video for 'Magic', it was acting based with a fun quirkiness about it but not the emotional heartbreaker the song itself potrays. This may disappoint fans of more 'literal' or 'emotionally tied' videos such as the ones for 'Fix You' and 'Viva La Vida'. The message broadcast was one of 'darkness turning into light' with the optimistic phrase 'Anything is possible' ending the sequence as it continued the positive and light hearted theme of the band's last three videos, after the first dark and mysterious 'Midnight' video. Watch the video for 'True Love' below.




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    The official video for 'True Love' has received a mixed reception so far, mainly favourable. There are very favoured reviews over the social channels, while being the subject of various criticisms on the Coldplaying forums, alongside more praise too. Keep all your views coming in Coldplayers! Leave a comment on Facebook, tweet us @Coldplaying or post on the forum thread for the music video. Vote in the new poll below too!


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