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    Coldplay's Oracle on Chris's tinnitus, Up With The Birds, Mylo Xyloto movie and more...

    More questions answered by The Oracle... (circa. 4000! questions now answered - submit yours now!)


    April 11, 2013 - submitted by Janie, United Kingdom

    Q. Hi Oracle! I know that all four members went to UCL and the band was formed while they were studying there, so it must be a pretty special place for the band. So are Coldplay planning on doing any concerts at UCL? Would they be willing to do one at all? Looking forward to hearing your reply!

    The Oracle replies:

    They have played UCL but not for nostalgic reasons; it was part of a tour they did with Terris back in 2000. Friday 7th April to be precise.


    April 11, 2013 - submitted by Valeria, Mexico

    Q. Hello Oracle! I just want to know if Chris or any of the members of the band are vegetarians.

    Thank you

    The Oracle replies:

    It's a popular misconception but all of the band members are carnivores. They eat a healthy diet but are not vegetarians.



    April 11, 2013 - submitted by Berend, Netherlands

    Q. what happens with the footage of the concert. I can't find official footage of the concert in the Netherlands. I mean the footage on the big screens:)

    The Oracle replies:

    The footage on the big screens is shot purely for that purpose - to be seen by the audience at the time. It's not recorded for any other purpose and therefore not officially available. I'm sure there will be plenty of fan recorded videos on YouTube for example.


    April 10, 2013 - submitted by Kate, United Kingdom

    Q. I've heard that Guy makes all the clothes for each of the different eras? Is this down to his expert modelling skills?

    The Oracle replies:

    Oooh I don't know where you heard that but it's not true. Guy doesn't "make" their stage clothes.

    The band are all involved in the look of the attire they wear to represent the album/tour. They choose styles, colours, designs - including doodling their own ideas for badges, appliques and any other additional bespoke items. They have designers and wardrobe experts who will collate the ideas, source the material / garments and customize them with the band's individual requests. They do sometimes have custom made garb too. Stella McCartney collaborated with the band for Viva's costumes.


    April 10, 2013 - submitted by Nicolas, Colombia

    Q. Hey Oracle, I was watching a video of Clocks in YouTube and I found this video. At the beginning of the song it is very similar to Clocks I couldn't believe it. Coldplay give permission to that? Please answer me.

    The Oracle replies:

    No, because as you say it's similar but it isn't the same. That's a very different definition. Music can be inspired or influenced by other music and sometimes it can deliberately or co-incidentally resemble another piece. Unless it is using a direct part, there is no need to seek permission. In this instance the piano riff has similarities to Clocks but it's not a direct copy.


    April 10, 2013 - submitted by Hasnaa, Morocco

    Q. Hello dear Oracle, What do you think of this? Can we know what they think of that now? From the first time I've seen it, I said whatever the signed thing may be... from Coldplay it would be precious. Thank you dear Oracle, wish you all the best :)

    The Oracle replies:

    That's just Jonny having a laugh but it is a siNGing toothbrush not a siGNed one.


    April 9, 2013 - submitted by Tobias, Sweden

    Q. Hello Oracle, I read about Coldplay's show at the Barclays Center on New Years with Jay-Z. I saw that it was hinted that this show would become an annual thing, is there any truth to that? What are the chances of seeing Coldplay at the Barclays Center to ring in the 2014 new year?

    The Oracle replies:

    I think that appertains to the fact that Coldplay have played a New Year's Eve show the past 3 years and two of those were with Jay Z. The first was 2010 in Las Vegas and the year after the band played Abu Dhabi.


    April 9, 2013 - submitted by James, United States of America

    Q. I heard that Mylo Xyloto was planned to be a movie kind of like The Wall was. Then I remembered this when Phil Harvey tweeted about Xylobrytes being some sort of evil minions or something. Can you verify whether this is true or not? If it is true why did they never make a movie? That would've been great to watch.

    The Oracle replies:

    Phil actually called them "critters" in his tweet but they're alien type beings. I've only got Issue 1 (of 6) as yet, so haven't encountered them myself. I can confirm that a film was very much in discussion and it was such a mammoth undertaking. A reverse decision was made taking many factors into account - one being the impending album which of course took precedence. The film was intended to have been animated - that's a similarity to The Wall though that wasn't 100% animation.


    April 8, 2013 - submitted by Loreto, Chile

    Q. Who is the female backup singer in Up with the Birds (1:01 min)?

    The Oracle replies:

    The very talented, very beautiful Juanita Stein of Howling Bells provided the backing vocals on Up With The Birds..


    April 8, 2013 - submitted by Alfredo, Argentina

    Q. Hi Oracle! A few days ago I heard a rumour that said that Chris Martin suffers tinnitus, a disease that causes the person that has it hear noises, like hum or hisses. Is is true or is it just a rumour? I'm eagerly waiting for you to answer this question. Thank you for your time. Bye!

    The Oracle replies:

    It's not a rumour, Chris does suffer with tinnitus. It's not a disease though, it's usually as a result of being subjected to loud music. There are varying degrees - I get it frequently but I don't suffer and it passes quickly. Some cases are so severe that the sensation is constant. Chris spoke out to raise awareness for this very common condition.

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