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    Coldplay Live 2012 - View the gallery!

    Coldplay live 2012

    The Coldplaying gallery has been updated with 10,000+ images from Coldplay's 2012 live performances! The gallery, upon competition, will have over 128,000 images with 950+ galleries! One of the biggest galleries online, dedicated all to Coldplay!


    2012 was the year we saw Coldplay's groundbreaking Mylo Xyloto tour in full swing. Jason Regler's invention, the Xyloband was the focal point of the tour, lighting up stadiums across the world in spectacular style! For Mr Regler himself, he was almost declared bankrupt before the Xyloband idea. His dreams soon took off with his invention and before he knew it, he was touring the world with Coldplay.


    Coldplay conquered the world once more in 2012, travelling across the globe to places such as Rio in Brazil, Sydney in Australia and Munich in Germany. A landmark destination for the band was Madrid and Paris, where the Live 2012 DVD was filmed in front of ten's of thousands of Xyloband wearing Coldplayers! Paradise was Coldplay's big hit off Mylo Xyloto. You can watch the band perform Paradise from 'Live 2012' below!



    Another highlight from the 'Live 2012' DVD was their intimate but thunderous performance of Violet Hill



    The UK hosted the Olympics the same year, in addition to the Paralympics, which Coldplay had the pleasure of running the closing ceremony to end the complete Olympic games of 2012 in style! Their performance also featured Jay-z and Rihanna, who was on hand to perform Princess of China with the band. The video is over 2 hours long (Coldplay start playing around 40 minutes in) so connecting your HDMI cable to the TV and bringing out the popcorn is best advised! It was different to other Coldplay shows we have seen, with the unique visuals and songs brought back such as 42.


    Live 2012 Gallery

    Here it is, the Coldplay Live 2012 gallery! Enjoy over 10,000 images from the course of 2012. This may bring you back memories of the shows you went to. Please leave a comment below (Facebook social plugin) and tell us your Coldplay live 2012 memories!




    Coldplay live 2012 - Gallery


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