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    Coldplay news round-up: Chris Martin at Authors Night, Tinie Tempah and Twitter grammar...

    Chris Martin attended the 9th Annual Authors Night at The East Hampton Library on Saturday (10th August) in East Hampton, New York. You can see the photos of Chris at the foot of this article - and more discussion is also at the Coldplay forum now [thanks wabbit, soss, gai & Tash]


    The event, says the official Hampton website, was founded in 2005 by Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith. Originally featuring just a handful of diners and a few hundred attendees, the event has since expanded to become the premier literary occasion in the Hamptons with over 125 featured authors and more than 1,000 guests in attendance.


    A review by Hamptonspartygirl on Wordpress said this of Chris Martin: "I didn’t get a chance to talk to [Gwyneth Paltrow] the Oscar-winning actress, cookbook author and fellow blogger but I did have a very nice exchange with her husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay, who was much cuter and taller than I expected. He was close by, though completely unnoticed (strangely), with daughter, Apple, on his shoulders and son, Moses, at his hand. I asked if he would mind my taking a photo and he said, “if you’re really asking, I’d rather not.” I replied that I wasn’t a paparazzi, rather an Arts editor, and that I wouldn’t do that to him and his kids, to which he thanked me and asked my name. We talked, I gave him my card and then directed him to Clive Davis and Nile Rodgers, who were also there to sign books. Nice man. And, seriously, I couldn’t believe how handsome he was, which I had never really thought about previously."


    Tinie Tempah has revealed that he received advice on songwriting by Chris Martin, the NME are reporting this week.


    The London-born rapper explained in an interview with GQ magazine why it has taken him so long to follow-up his award-winning debut album 'Disc-Overy', saying he was advised not to rush it. He said: "Chris Martin told me, "When you finish an album, write a couple more songs and see what comes out." So that's exactly what I did. At the end of the day, it's art. Nobody ever rushes a painter, or writer. No one's rushing JK Rowling or EL James!"


    Grammarly, a writing enhancement company recently completed a study of the literal habits of the 100 most-followed musicians on Twitter, including our very own Coldplay.


    Grammarly’s proofreaders combed through each artist’s most recent 25 tweets and found the average musician makes about 15 writing errors per 100 words. Beyoncé was the closest to perfection, with a mere 2.1 mistakes, followed by Coldplay at 2.8 mistakes. The worst: DJ Pauly D at 55.6 mistakes and Snoop Dogg at 35.8.


    So does good grammar translate to high earnings? The relationship is eerily concurrent, but it’s more likely correlation than causation. Proving a link would be difficult, and Grammarly’s data set is limited. Adding to the murk: it’s often unclear which tweets are written by the artists themselves and which are penned by publicists.


    Beyoncé and Coldplay earned a combined $117 million according to our latest estimates; Pauly D and Snoop Dogg combined for $19.5 million. But at a casual glance, many of music’s top earners also have the best grammar. Aside from Beyoncé and Coldplay, other strong spellers include Ludacris (5.4 mistakes per 100 words), who made $80 million over the past six years, and One Direction (3.5 mistakes); the U.K. boy band pulled in more than $50 million over the past two years.


    There are exceptions, of course—namely, Justin Bieber, who earned $58 million last year. The Canadian youngster made 29.5 mistakes per 100 words, which have been broadcast to over 40 million followers on Twitter and tens of millions more across other social networks. They don’t seem to mind the miscues. “The fans want the connection,” Bieber explained to FORBES last year. “They want to see you Instagramming at a coffee shop in the morning.”


    Judging by his spelling record on Twitter, perhaps Bieber ought to stick to Instagram.


    Latest photos of Chris Martin at the 9th Annual Authors Night, East Hampton, New York (10th August 2013):












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