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    Photos: Chris Martin takes in Glastonbury and A Curious Night charity event (June 30 - July 1)

    Chris Martin spent the weekend taking in the sights and sounds of Glastonbury on June 30th and then performed the next day at a charity event called 'A Curious Night At The Theatre' on July 1st held at London's Apollo theatre.More discussion and photos/videos/tweets on Chris at these are here and here respectively at the Coldplay forum [thanks chommy_16, jeremyy, Tash, Wabbit, gai & wisna]At Glastonbury, according to Daily Mirror, the Rolling Stones, who headlined, booked out 10 rooms at Babington House hotel, in Somerset, and flew a string of celebrities, including Chris Martin, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker and model Kate Moss, there by helicopter.The following day, Chris performed at the A Curious Night theatre event, which was held to support an autism charity - he was a surprise guest and sang without a microphone and played acoustic versions of Paradise and Viva La Vida to finish off the evening. FrankieBazaar on Twitter wrote: "Chris Martin was brilliant #curiousnight tonight. Solo on guitar, with no microphone. Almost lost his trousers, but we're ignoring that."

    Surprise guest Chris Martin REALLY surprised when his trousers popped mid song. Darling man also gave £10,000 to NAS & Ambitious re Autism.

    — Kathy Lette (@KathyLette) July 1, 2013
    Chris personally donated £10,000 to the event, as did actor Jude Law. The event also included acting performances by Dame Helen Mirren, Matt Smith, Ben Whishaw, Niamh Cusack and Andrew Scott.

    Chris Martin was brilliant #curiousnight tonight. Solo on guitar, with no microphone. Almost lost his trousers, but were ignoring that.

    — Frankiebazaar (@FrankieBazaar) July 1, 2013
    According to the emmaforth.blogspot.co.uk, the night went something like this: "Mel had teased all evening about a special guest, giving clues such as they like hummus, and the person sees a GP an awful lot. Imagine the surprise from the audience when on strolled Chris Martin with a guitar! He performed two songs - Viva la Vida and Paradise - without a microphone, during which his trousers came undone (cue anecdote about them doing the same thing when he performed with Rihanna) and the audience joined in when his voice cracked on a high note. He informed everyone that so far an enormous £83,000 had been raised, and he wanted it to reach £100,000 by the end of the evening. By the time he finished his set, he'd pledged £10,000, Jude Law matched him, and undoubtedly most of the audience were keen to reach into their pockets too if they hadn't already."The event raised over £100,000 in total, with one donation worth £6,000 for tea with Matt Smith at The Ritz. The money will go to two charities, Ambitious about Autism and The National Autistic Society. Actor Jamie Campbell Bower, 24, said he was supporting it because of his own battles with mental illness. The star of Sweeney Todd said: “I have been through depression and anxiety, it’s an ongoing battle and an uphill struggle. Acting is a difficult world to be in and I found I had to not let it over ride who I am. It’s about owning it and being okay with it and accepting it’s part of me.”Made in Chelsea star Francis Boulle said: “My older sister is actually autistic so I’m very involved with The National Autistic Society, it’s something I feel quite passionate about. Being a business owner, I know that there is so much people with autism can add if they are given the opportunity and flexibility in the work place. I don’t currently employ anyone autistic but I am seriously considering it for the future when the right person comes along.”Photos of Chris Martin at Glastonbury, Pilton, UK (June 30th):20130630gla2.jpg20130630gla4.jpgPhotos of Chris Martin at 'A Curious Night' charity event in London (July 1):20130701acn5.jpg20130701acn6.jpg20130701acn10.jpg20130701acn1.jpg20130701acn2.jpg

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