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    Will Champion: New album hopefully out 2014 - your latest LP6 comments

    In the latest of our LP6 build-up articles, we focus on the news that Will Champion has given hope to a 2014 album release, telling Coldplayer mayurshikotra near the Bakery recently that it may be released next year. Will also said that the song 'Car Kids' had not been discounted at this stage.


    mayurshikotra said on the messageboard: "Got there just before 12. There were people coming in and out of bakery and beehive. About 20 min of waiting I saw a bike come in to the bakery drive way. I looked around so see who it was and was Will. Wasn't sure if he was going into to their or beehive so waited and he came out on to the street. I asked if I could take a picture and he was very kind and took one with me and asked him to sign my AROBTTH and MX cover. I then asked how new album was coming along and he said good. And when I asked him about when they think its going to be out he said he wasn't sure but hopefully next year. He was just about to leave and I quickly asked him about Car Kids and he said it was on the back burner at the moment BUT they may rethink it soon. After that he said thanks and left."



    So far during July, as well as mayurshikotra, Coldplayers FixYou*, buckinpatroler2, and 100_dring have been spotted with the band near to Coldplay HQ. This is in addition to CJWG, oliv, danny_sivo, PakitoGarvi, cuponcito, ColdplaySheffield and Placebo88 from May and June.


    This has sparked a new discussion in the last few days - Coldplayer oldmuckers asks this week, "Are the Bakery visits getting out of hand?" Add your comments now and don't forget to update the poll!


    Read on for your recent comments on LP6; the rising number of Bakery visits by fans will be discussed in a new article soon...


    Your latest comments from the LP6 thread from the messageboard:


    Has there been any news on who will be producing lp6? I know it was said that Eno would not be involved this time. The source on that being someone who met and talked to the band at the bakery... could still change though I guess. I'm wondering if they will just keep it "in the family" and just use Rik Simpson and Dan Green. It seems like with every album the band becomes more closely knit unit / team and I really love that about them. Maybe it is time for them to let Rik Simpson step up and be the head producer on the new album. It would be easy to argue that he has earned it. Maybe Markus Dravs will be involved again if he is available. Is he working on the new Aracde Fire album still? I don't think Mumford will be back in the studio any time soon. I guess it depends on what stage Coldplay is at right now with lp6. If they are still just working on ideas or there to write then there might be time for Dravs to come in later.


    Or maybe, as much as I love the Coldplay "faimily", it is time to bring in some fresh blood. Maybe a bold choice no one would expect? Like U2 working with Danger Mouse or Beady Eye working with Dave Sitek. Or a possible reunion... what is Ken Nelson doing these days anyway? Although that could be seen as a step back... Who would you like to see produce a Coldplay album? My not so bold but I think interesting choice would be Scott Litt. Coldplay loves to pay tribute to thier idols and what better way to channel a little REM then to work with the man who made some of thier best albums. Might be a good fit for what is supposed to be a "quieter" album as well. One word: Nightswimming - well, two words crammed togther anyway. Of course I would love for them to find thier "own" Scott Litt or Brian Eno - a name that will be associated with them for years to come. [thanks oldmuckers]


    One thing I know I don't want: Brian Eno. Not because I think he's bad (he's not) but because they need to move on. [thanks aschall]


    I've said it before, but I have always thought Coldplay would really work well if they created there own label like The Beatles did with Apple. Then, not only could they release music whenever and however they wanted, but they could also sign their own acts, which I think is something they would be very good at. Plus, it'd give them an outlet to work with said artists (Guy could produce some of their records, Chris could write them some songs, etc). [thanks Cheese Nip 2]


    I would assume for now everything is very in-house, i.e. Rik Simpson and Dan Green. Will said the album might be out next year, which essentially means other producers might come in later this year to work on the material. It doesn't seem like they need to produce anything soon, so I would suspect Markus Dravs to again be involved in a smaller capacity but at a later stage, along with Davide Rossi (as a player of course) and probably Jon Hopkins, too. [thanks Miha]


    But what upset me was if we remember back to parachutes, AROBTTH, X&Y they released singles with many other songs on them that did not make the album. Mylo Xyloto only released 1 song that didnt make the album, Moving to Mars... Hopefully they don't do that again.... Because as we know Mylo Xyloto was a different sound again to their previous albums. Well each one has their own sound. Parachutes with a slower take. AROBTTH a little more faster, rockier. X&Y more "spacier". VLV had a "different" sound. Just meaning the sounds were different. And then Mylo Xyloto was a more upbeat album. All different sounds. Lets blend a few? [thanks HurtsLikeHeaven42]


    They will never repeat themselves like they did with the first three albums. I hope they do something different to Parachutes, A Rush Of Blood To The Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, Mylo Xyloto. Different. [thanks Jonny and the cake]


    I want something different too, but it's just that everytime is harder to do different things. I mean, maybe I don't want them to do exactly the same album, but if they're not gonna repeat themselves, I just prefer that the new music is similar to that era. Anyways, if we look at bands like The National for example, they do the same kind of music album by album and I like it a lot, just because they do what they know to do at their best. [thanks The Envoy]


    They're working on LP6, we don't know when they will actually start to record songs though. Chris has hinted that they'd try to "go back to their roots" but we should never really trust Chris when it comes to info. Will said they might release it by the end of this year but i think it has like a 10% chance of actually happening. But it shows that at least they're really focused on LP6 right now. That's all we know. [thanks Coeurli]


    I can't wait and you're absolutely right about Chris. He said the same thing for LP5 and we got MX. I like MX and I think Charlie Brown is one hell of a track but I expected something different. Oh well! Still enjoying MX as of late but I'm excited already! I hope at least the single drops 4th quarter this year! [thanks jomarr]


    Random LP6 thought! I'm going to guess that the title for lp6 will be eight words long. The even numbered albums (AROBTTH and VLVODAAHF) have long titles (seven and nine words long, respectively). The odd numbered albums (parachutes , X&Y, and MX) have short titles (one, three, and two words). There's a pattern with the odd numbered albums that has the number of words start with a number, (one) then add two (three) and then subtract one, (two). So seven words plus two words is nine, and nine minus one is eight. So eight words. Sorry if that was confusing since i actually confused myself. And for the previous thought, I actually like the production on MX. It might have been a bit much, but it was still good. [thanks WarningSign42]


    Latest photos: Chris Martin arrives at World Premiere of The World's End, Leicester Square, London (10th July 2013)









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