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    [Coldplay Oxfam Blog] Glasgow SECC - Take Two

    magicballoxfam.jpgI’m sitting in the same little room as I was a few days ago, writing another blog, about another Coldplay show. We have had some adventures on this tour, playing 3 different countries in 3 days.. it’s not quite the same adventure when you return to the same city, but it was another great show in Glasgow. Oxfam’s brilliant bunch of volunteers, between them, got 1526 Health and Education For All pledges, to add to the thousands of others on the Coldplay tour.


    Another noisy crowd greeted the band tonight. Needing little encouragement to sing every word and clap to the beats (even if they weren’t always in time with the band). Chris Martin had to tell everyone to stop clapping at the start of ‘The Hardest Part’ (which he dedicated to his haircut), as he couldn’t figure out the timing. He got it in the end, and the clapping continued anyway.


    Read the full blog entry at the Oxfam Blog website here

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