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    [Coldplay Oxfam Blog] The finishing straight

    magicballoxfam.jpgWe are nearly there. It’s a couple of days until Christmas. Time for the holidays and to welcome in a new year. Soon we will be travelling home. Getting over coughs, colds and extreme sleep deprivation weirdness. Just one more Coldplay show to do this year. The pillows are in sight.


    I hadn’t seen much of the set for a while. Tonight, I stood, stage-left, with some of the Oxfam volunteers, to watch the amazing show. OK, so most of the songs may be the same, but I love seeing the crowds every time. People jumping around, singing the words, clapping at every opportunity, stamping their feet, holding their heads in disbelief, watching the show through a mobile phone - when the band are right there.. Stamping their feet - (whether they’re out of time or not.. Who really cares?) It’s great to see how captivated people are when seeing the show for the first time. It reminds me how great it is, that Oxfam is on the tour. How great it is that the volunteers get to see the show. How much people love this band. How awesome it is that the band want these people to be involved with Oxfam’s work. 1348 people joined Oxfam tonight. That’s 2319 people at the two Dublin shows. 1 in 7 people across the two nights. That’s a great response, and something for our volunteers to be proud of.


    There were a famous pair of sunglasses in the audience tonight too, which caught the eye of a few of our campaigners.. I saw you there Bono.. bobbing your head and singing along to ‘Viva’ at the Coldplay show.


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