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    [Coldplay Oxfam Blog] The tour comes to Dublin

    magicballoxfam.jpgI’m sitting in the newly revamped O2 Arena, Dublin. Last Tuesday, this venue was re-opened. Coldplay is only the third show to pass through. 8′500 people will pack into the arena tonight, and again tomorrow. There is only three days to go on this tour. I thought I was going to escape the strange illness that has been doing the rounds in the crew. Unfortunately, it got me in the end. I’m on the kiwi fruits and orange juice today..


    Yesterday, I visited the famous storehouse of Arthur Guinness. The cobbled streets and darkened passages around the old factory buildings was quite a sight. Real atmosphere. You could just imagine the barrels rolling down the streets and a huge workforce piling in and out. The black gates through the streets guarding the special secrets of this ancient brew.. As we pulled up on the open-top bus tour, it felt a bit like Charlie the Chocolate Factory for adults. Sadly.. I didn’t see any umpa-lumpas..


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