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    Coldplay Roadie #42 - Blog #74 (Brisbane report!)

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    Well, it seems we're bringing the weather with us. Brisbane has been broodingly humid since we got here, threatening to release a cloudburst. Come the second show day, that's exactly what it did. Sydney is our last chance to catch some sun before we're out of Oz for another couple of years. Here's hoping.


    The disappointing dampness is more than made up for, though, by the warmth of the audiences we've had over here. Amazing responses all around. Tonight's crowd were giving it the Mexican wave before the band went on and everywhere we've been in Australia they've given us the full-on mobile phone glowsticks over the Viva Remix. Singing too, has been excellent. Good on ya folks!

    Being as we're in Australia, the fellas had someone run out and grab a cricket bat. Here they are giving it some in the car park on the first night in Brisbane. Quite idyllic - Mercury Rev's set floating out of the loading dock door, warm evening air and just the other side of the fence, a stream of traffic all coming into the gig. Apologies for the quality of the pics - but it was nearly pitch black by this time...
















    Also notable from Brisbane is the fact that Neill's new keyboard contraption got not only a mention, but a cheer on the C-Stage. Always a sucker for a moment of roadie-glory, I thought I ought to share it with you...


    Neill, by the way, isn't a psychopath, he merely got a little possessed on Halloween and tried to saw off Chris's head during the gig....


    Actually, talking of cover versions, the end of Yellow seems to have grown a new addition of late.


    So that's the news from Brisbane. It's half four in the morning here, so I'd better get this lot uploaded so I can get a little time unconscious before we fly in the morning. Day off in Sydney - ahhhhh it's a hard life...




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