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    [Oxfam Blog] A peek inside the tour bus

    magicballoxfam.jpgI am peering out through the darkened windows of the tour bus into the Zurich night. Just tapping away a few lines, whilst perched in my ‘favourite seat’ at the front of the bus. I like this seat. You can see where we are going.. Even if it’s often just a dark motorway, with flashing cat’s-eyes sinking beneath the wheels. You can also recline quite well here, and even fall asleep, if my bunk seems too far to move. There’s a plug socket by my ankle too, which is handy for my laptop for midnight blogging.


    Outside I can see a sea of moving white hard hats and beanies. Road cases being pushed into queues for their space on one of the ‘Stage Trucks’ carrying all of Coldplay’s gear (and Oxfam’s hamper). Another two trucks just reversed into the venue for loading. There are flashing hazard lights. Fork lift trucks. Roadies pulling luggage towards their buses. The support band walking past onto their bus. Outside every big arena in a major city, is probably where you find most of the activity on a Sunday night..


    Strange. You lose track of days on tour. Sunday. Feels like it could be any day. I guess it’s another work day. Some days blend together when you are awake so long. Hang on a minute, it’s Monday now… Chris Martin said from stage yesterday.. “thanks for joining us on this Saturday night.. Wait a minute.. Is it a Saturday?”


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