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    [Oxfam Blog] Wet Wien

    magicballoxfam.jpgI’m a little blurry-eyed, sitting here inside the depths of the Stadhalle, Wien (Vienna). Maybe due to the combination of dim underground walls, and the bright glow of a laptop screen. Outside, the lunch time catering is in full flow. Everyone refuelling after load-in, getting ready for the bands’ imminent arrival. We made it to Austria in great time. Apparently arriving at 5am.. I didn’t surface on arrtival..


    I awoke to the sound of heavy rain drops on the roof of the bus. I sleep in a top bunk, so it felt particularly cosy, being so close to the outside, but wrapped in a duvet. Steffan, our bus driver, decided to wash the bus this morning. Apparently he was being blamed for the rain. “Whenever you wash your bus.. it rains. I think we should try washing the buses in the desert, and see if it gets a bit more temperate!”


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