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    [Oxfam's Coldplay Blog] 100 thousand voices, eh?

    magicballoxfam.jpgHello all! I wrote this from the Vancouver International Airport with a view of the mountains in front of me, and a supremely important package by my side…


    Today is the first day of almost three weeks off while the tour is on hiatus and the band hits some major festivals in Europe. This means my crew pass and 2-way radio are unclipped from my belt-band, and that I’ll be carrying car keys in the place of a hotel key-card in no time. I wish I could say the same for those weary crewmates who do sound or instruments, merchandising or security, for the fellas. I honestly thought that 23 shows into the summer tour I’d be exhausted and ready to go home. Although I have begun noticing the dark and puffy circles around my eyes in recent photos, I think my new touring wings have a long ways until they’re worn to a frazzle.


    Read the full blog entry with pictures at the Oxfam Blog website here onwards.


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