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    [Oxfam's Coldplay Blog] Drop the bricks, carry the balloons

    magicballoxfam.jpgHello all! Tonight we’re leaving what has begun to feel like a home away from home, Pittsburgh, after three days off and a phenomenal show. I really enjoyed our time off here visiting the Andy Warhol Museum, shopping on Carson Street, and attending a Pirates game. Rolling into the venue at the early hour of 7:30am this morning I had a good feeling about the show. I knew the crowd would be a good one and that the Oxfam team would do well.


    Pittsburgh did not disappoint; it was an awesome audience with amazing energy filling the amphitheatre with the resounding shouts of “Go Pens!” Chris Martin even responded at one point when Coldplay was performing on the lawn with “What the hell are you guys talking about?” Needless to say I’ll miss Pittsburgh. This academic-turned Oxfam intern-turned roadie ought to learn not to get too comfortable in one place…


    And oh are there balloons! 838 new members of Oxfam America recruited tonight, 75 of them alone ended up being the result of Stevey’s effort! We’re off to Buffallo, NY for another day off tomorrow. I think Niagra Falls is a short drive away; any other suggestions for how to spend my day off tomorrow?


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