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    [Oxfam's Coldplay Blog] Singing in the rain.

    magicballoxfam.jpg*Here;s a note from Bern a couple of days ago.. originally scrawled on a scrap of paper*


    I’ve just run out of the pouring rain. My hoodie is soaked and my trousers, rolled up, to avoid soaking up any more puddles. Out of the front lounge window, on the tour bus, I can see a constant flow of people hurrying home. Like a river of people flowing out of the exits of the Stade de Suisse, and splintering off into tributaries. The reverse of what I was taught about river systems in Geography.


    A few minutes ago, just behind the stage trucks to my right, popping - fizzing - banging pyrotechnics lit up the sky to compete with the lightning, spotlights and camera flashes, and bring another triumphant Coldplay show to a close. 40′000 more people have seen the spectacular open-air show in an incredible summer for one of the world’s biggest bands. And here we are.. Oxfam is playing it’s part in this event too. *I think* .. this was the 150th show of the VIVA world tour. A lot of people have passed through the gates, sung along, clapped hands, campaigned with Oxfam, in that time.. and a few have got a bit wet too.


    Read the full blog entry by Pete Lusby here at the Oxfam Blog website.



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